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Know Your Daily Wells Fargo Bank Mortgage Protest on the Steps of the State Building – NoJusticeZone – Day 140

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Deets here.

Day 138:

Day 128 or so:

Renegotiate Your Mortgage: NACA “Save the Dream Tour” in the Bay Area October 16-20

Thursday, October 15th, 2009

I don’t know, haven’t heard too much about this in the local media, but if you’re thinking about renegotiating your home mortgage, then you might want to toy with the idea of heading on down to the Cow Palace to see the “Save the Dream Tour” being put on by the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America.

Is NACA a “bank terrorist” or “banking terrorist” or something like that? Sure, but what’s wrong wiith that, right homeowners?

The Tour as receny seen in Cleveland, Ohio:


The event is free and the Cow Palace parking is free. What do you have to lose?

“NACA is doing the nationwide Save the Dream Tour. The tour has already been extremely successful with over 35,000 participants in Cleveland, 45,000 in Chicago and the same in St. Louis. We are receiving same day solutions for thousands of homeowners with many having their interest rates permanently reduced to 4%, 3%, and 2% saving hundreds of dollars a month and some over a thousand dollars.

NACA has the most effective long-term mortgage solution for at-risk homeowners because it permanently reduces the interest rate and if necessary reduces the outstanding principal based on what the homeowner can afford. NACA’s restructure solution has established the national standard for long-term solutions for thousands of owner-occupant homeowners. NACA can do this because it has secured legally binding agreements with most of the major lenders and servicers, which covers 90% of the at-risk homeowners.

All of NACA’s services are FREE. Homeowners drive and fly from long distances to attend these extraordinary Save the Dream Tour events. NACA had over 500 staff and volunteers who put in long hours and lots of hard work to help so many homeowners save their dream.