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Official CA Agency CalRecycle Declares War on Car Dealerships: Says DON’T Change Motor Oil Every 3000 Miles – Let it Slide

Friday, November 4th, 2011

The Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle), a division of our California Department of Conservation, doesn’t want you changing your car oil as much. They want you to follow the recommendation in your car’s owner’s manual, as opposed to your service manager’s “every 3000 miles no matter what” mantra.

(I don’t think car dealerships and oil change places will like this one bit.)

Anyway, CalRecycle is coming to town tomorrow to pay for free parking for motorists who pledge to increase their oil change intervals. (But don’t anybody tell StreetsBlog SF about the free parking reward – they won’t like that at all. Srsly.)

It’s called the Check Your Number campaign

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The SFPD is Keeping a Watchful Eye Over Fell and Masonic

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

This is what it looks like when elements of the San Francisco Police Department keep a watchful eye over the problematic intersection of the streets Fell and Masonic.

Things are still shaking out in this area - the new traffic signal scheme is still being tinkered with. Part of the problem is that motorists just don’t understand what they are looking at. Peer pressure, such as ”the car to right of me is going now so I should too,” still has a strong effect. If you had to choose which part of westbound traffic, cars or peds/cyclists, should be allowed to go first during each signal cycle, which would you choose? The City has tried it both ways already – it seems there are pros and cons for either choice.   

Cops like these will go after motorists and cyclists alike, so let’s all be careful out there. Click to expand:

The reign of Robert “Don’t Call Him CrazyRob Anderson (who still refuses to post his social security number online for all the world to see) might soon be coming to a close, so perhaps it’s time to start thinking outside of the box.

Getting rid of an entire block of Masonic betwixt Fell and Oak might be too radical for some, but how about eliminating left turns off of westbound Fell into Masonic altogether? There’s a similar prohibition on left turns farther down Fell at Stanyan and that seems to work out O.K.

Something to think about, non?

Why are Toyota Prius Owners Such Bad Drivers?

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Generally speaking, that is.

Back in the day, old boxy 200-series Volvos had the rep of having drivers that had issues. But these days, it seems the worst motorists on the roads are caged-up in Toyota Priuses. Why’s that?

Could it be that the primary reason most owners bought is that the purchase “makes a statement” about them?

Getting the “what’s a matter you?” Italian-style hand gesture from a perturbed pedestrian on South Van Ness in San Francisco. The driver was blocking a crosswalk for a good 45 seconds while paying attention to something in his right hand. Note body damage from a prior allision.


Another Prius driver recently caused a stir in town by driving through the streetcar-only Sunset Tunnel and getting stuck for a few hours.  

Things have gotten so bad that some people keep an eye out just for these particular hybrids.

Keep a look out and stay safe out there.