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It Begins: Rec and Park Finally Gets Around to Painting Crosswalks onto the Panhandle Bike Path – But Who Has the Right of Way?

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Here you go – this is this morning:

7J7C0199 copy

And here’s the result. Crosswalks are laid out all the intersections this multi-use path has with Shrader, Cole, Clayton, Ashbury, Central, and Lyon, as I was just talking about a couple days back.

7J7C0235 copy

So, who has the right of way at these intersections – is it bike riders or peds? Well, IDK. I know about the arguments, I just don’t know the answers. (Is this bike path a “wilderness trail?” I’ve heard that one, from an in insurance company trying to deny coverage.)

Anyway, I’m thinking that about 25% of the peds have quite deficient situational awareness on this path (including two of the three workers seen above) and about 15% of the bike riders are stereotypical jerkwads who “knows my rights” and go a bit too fast. When these two subsets meet up at these unusual intersections, accidents happen, oh well.

We’ll see how this goes. (One hopes our RPD could put up a little signage about a speed limit and who has the right of way, if that’s not too bold for RPD to consider…)

7J7C0243 copy

7J7C0255 copy

7J7C0261 copy

7J7C0260 copy

The Electrified Bicycles of the Golden Gate Park Panhandle Bike Path

Friday, January 9th, 2009

Well, it was bound to happen. The Panhandle Bike Path in the more urban part of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park has become a veritable freeway for motorized vehicles. Of course the term “Pandlehandle Freeway” was the proposed name for a big one for cars and with multiple lanes back in the day. It was planned to be an extension of Interstate 80 but the whole shebang got cancelled, leaving us with the Fell and Oak one-way streets instead.

This e-Go Cycle2 Classic electric motorcycle looks right at home on the bike path, zipping along. Buy one yourself for just $1550. Or make your own! You’ll have to start with a couple of 12-volt lead-acid car batteries… You’ll probably end up being a hero at Burning Man.

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What’s next? Kawasaki Ninja and Honda CBR sport motorcycles on the bike path?  

Pictures forthcoming.

Stay safe.