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Instead of NextMUNI, We Should Have a NextTHEFT to Chart iPOD Robberies on Our Buses

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

NextMUNI is fine and all (sometimes), but shouldn’t the next iPhone / iPod application be NextTHEFT? You know, so you could be notified when you’re approaching a bus stop at at a day and time with a high rate of Apple icon thievery? 

Maybe it could warn you by vibrating when the danger is especially high, the way Frodo’s Sting would glow slightly when Orcs were around.  Then you could hide your precious and your telltale white earbuds, or whip out your old-school WalkMan, Palm, or Zune HD (as nobody will risk hours and hours of booking at juvie for one of those devices.)

Speaking of which, get all the deets about today’s Supervisor Bevan Dufty-sponsored Violence on MUNI hearing (nice new logo, Mel) and learn the latest theft techniques here, from Mari at MUNI Diaries.

Anyway, the proposed application would look like this:


via Jamisonsomewhat. Click to expand.

That’s the front end, all somebody would need to do is load up theft/robbery data and this would be a fully operational app.


About How Long Can You Yell Incoherently on the Steps of San Francisco City Hall?

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Well, if it’s around 9:00 AM and you’re by yourself, the answer is this –  not very long at all. You might get in a few stanzas at the top of your lungs, but expect a Deputy Sheriff or Senior Deputy to appear in the doorway after a minute or so (or maybe a little longer if the thriftiest of them are off “feeding the meter“).

Then they’ll all come out, maybe with a Sergeant if you’re lucky. But they won’t care a whit about your bible or your beef or whatever. They’ll just make sure you pipe down and/or move along.

This man was emphatic while making his point about his bible:

IMG_9697 copy

Click to expand

It’s your choice.

[UPDATE: The same fellow as seen 14 months ago in a recent MUNI Diaries post. Perhaps they give you a longer amount of time to get your pont across on MUNI? Probably.)