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To Repeat, the Hayes Street Hill is NOT the Highest Point on the Historic Bay to Breakers Footrace and Street Party

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

Oh, it’s happening again this year. It’s the falsehood about the Hayes Street Hill being the highest point on the Bay to Breakers course.

Here’s your route profile, starting from the SoMA near the bay going all the way to the breakers of Ocean Beach. See that big incline just before mile marker three? That’s the vaunted Hayes Street Hill. (And actually, the highest part of Hayes Street on this part of the course is near Pierce, not “at Fillmore and Steiner” and not “between Fillmore and Sutter.”)

And actually, that part of Hayes peaks at around 260 feet, not 215:

Now, here’s your winner. It’s the 270-something foot high saddle on JFK Jr. Drive betwixt Prayer Book Cross and Stow Lake / Strawberry Hill, where “Kennedy” is written:

Looks like somebody made a boo boo a while back and then it got repeated over and over. Oh well.

Hey B2B, why not just say that the Hayes Street Hill feels like the highest point?

And MSM, why not do your job the right way instead of just repeating what you’ve heard?

Just saying.

Get Ready to Run on May 20, 2012

San Francisco, Calif. (January 12, 2012) – Today the Zazzle Bay to Breakers announced the opening of general registration for the 101st running of the World’s most famous footrace. Over the past century the iconic Zazzle Bay to Breakers race has evolved from a modest footrace to one of the largest and most unique running events in the world, setting records for the world’s fastest 12K, the largest footrace and other milestones. On May 20, 2012 the quintessentially San Francisco race, Zazzle Bay to Breakers, will begin its 101st journey from the San Francisco Bay to the Breakers of the Pacific Ocean.

“Last year’s centennial race was an incredible success with 55,000 registrants signing up to become part of history,” said Angela Fang, general manager of the race. “As the Race enters its second century, we are confident that this Bay Area icon will maintain its truly unique and exuberant spirit, uniting best-in-class athletes with vibrant fans, creating that electricity that can only come from a footrace in San Francisco.”

Once known as the Cross City Race, Zazzle Bay to Breakers was first held on January 1, 1912. While 186 runners kicked off the race at Embarcadero and Market streets, only 121 runners completed the race. Robert Jackson “Bobby” Vlught was the winner of the first race with a time of 44:10. Since then, Zazzle Bay to Breakers has grown to one of the largest footraces in the world with more than 50,000 participants and close to 100,000 spectators annually. Zazzle Bay to Breakers exemplifies the City’s irrepressible color and its affection for eclectic traditions.


Last year the Zazzle Bay to Breakers celebrated its centennial with a smashingly successful race, sporting a sold out crowd and markedly more sober participants. Building on last year’s success, we will continue our zero tolerance stance on alcohol and floats.

Neighborhood associations, city officials, police, and race organizers have determined alcohol and floats create a threat to public safety. There will be multiple checkpoints on the race route to remove any floats and alcohol, so remember: Bring your shoes, not your booze. Only registered participants will be allowed on the course.


The Zazzle Bay to Breakers is pleased to announce that they will be enhancing their charity program this year called Run & Give. Thanks to our community’s support of the 100th running of the Zazzle Bay to Breakers the race was a huge success. As a way to demonstrate our appreciation we are going to enhance our charity program in the 2012 race. The program allows participants to run on behalf of a charity or cause they support. The new program offers varying levels of charity partnership including Preferred Charity Partners and Official Charity Partners. This year we are thrilled to welcome back Breathe California and Daraja Academy who will both be participating as Preferred Partners. In addition we are happy to announce first time official participants Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation (MMRF) and CancerCare as Official Partners.


On Sunday, May 20, 2012, 50,000 runners will be propelled into the 101st running of Zazzle Bay to Breakers. At the finish line, back by popular demand all registered runners will receive a commemorative medal.

Along the USA Track and Field certified 12K (7.46 miles) course, Zazzle Bay to Breakers will host entertainment offering a fun and lively atmosphere for participants and spectators alike. At 7 a.m. runners will start at the base of the San Francisco Bay, and progress to the City’s famous Hayes Street Hill. Around the 2.5-mile mark runners climb an 11.15 percent grade between Fillmore and Steiner streets, bringing them to the highest point in the race, approximately 215 feet above sea level. The remainder of the course gradually flows alongside the Panhandle and through Golden Gate Park and ends at the Pacific Ocean.

Zazzle Bay to Breakers will culminate in a festival called the Final Mile celebration located just past the finish line. Many of the festivities from last year’s Footstock festival in Speedway Meadows will now be available for participants to enjoy closer to the finish line. The Final Mile will feature merchandise, product sampling and exciting festivities as a celebration of Zazzle Bay to Breakers’ second century in the Bay Area.

Sponsors of this year’s race include: Zazzle, Adidas, Volkswagen, C2O Coconut Water, Big 5, SitOnIt Seating, and the Hyatt Regency Embarcadero.

Media partners for this year’s race include: KGO 810 – The Bay Area’s News and Information Station, KSFO 560 AM and KRON 4. For more information, visit

Bay to Breakers 2012 is Shaping Up Horribly – People Just Aren’t Registering the Way They Used To – End of an Era?

Friday, May 11th, 2012

[Get up-to-speed on years past right here.]

I still haven’t heard word one about the Bay to Breakers this year. It’s uncanny.

So let’s see, the BtoB people are freaking out now about all the unsold registrations they’re trying to unload. They just had a Cinco de Mayo sale (I’m seriously) and now they’re offering a Mother’s Day special for discount sub-$50 registration. But past participants aren’t biting because even at the high price of $48(!) YOU DON”T GET A T-SHIRT! That’s a new thing, I suppose, since those T’s were famous back in the day.

Anyway, if you want a runner’s bib you can buy one at a discount on craigslist (because these bibs aren’t worth all that much and they’re certainly not worth the $100 that some people have paid) or just make your own if you feel comfortable with that.

This mustard color should fit right in with the crowd:

Don’t click to expand and don’t print this out on your color inkjet printer, you know, in portrait mode.

But if you want to give money to Colorado “Christian Billionaire” Philip Anschutz, then go right ahead and register, I don’t care. He gives his money to support Prop 8 and fight the concept of evolution so if you want to help him with that, go right ahead and give him your money by registering for the B to B.

Anyway, it’s hard to believe that this historic race is coming up in nine days and yet nobody’s talking about it.

All right, let’s hear from former B2B fan Mike Scott and a bunch of other people.


“$48 for a timed race and $2 medal: no t-shirt! $10 more for them mailing the bib to us? No transit included with the registration! Seriously, at $58 for 50,000 people, I need to whack someone so I can run this thing. I appreciate it’s a logistics challenge, but it ain’t rocket science.”

“don’t forget the $6 processing fee!”

“I’m officially retiring from B@B after 25 years. To expensive and no longer fun anymore”

“Charging for the t-shirt! This is REALLY sick. I’ve run this race 17 times, and any number of other races. Charging EXTRA for the t-shirt when that’s the real medal any runner wants (aside from a good time)? This race is obviously being run by a non-runner with a financial agenda in mind, NOT with the reverance the Breakers has to the history of this city and to the runners who love it. IF I register this year, it will be my last time as a swan song memory. You folks are giving this race a bad name.

“I hope you’re paying attention to all the comments on your web site, Facebook and elsewhere regarding the charges and changes you people are making. You’re killing a great race which USED to be the biggest block party in the country, along with TAC sanction. Veterans like me and many others are just not into what you’re doing. Please don’t tell me about all the charges and costs. Somebody’s making bucks on this and it’s very, very sad. After running it 17 times, this, my 18th time, will, without doubt, be my last. I will be coming up from L.A. for is as I have for the last 5 runs. Before that, I lived in the Bay Area and ran it 12 years in a row. What you’re calling a party at the end is a joke, and charging for t-shirts is obscene. By the way, I’m not running with a cane, and do hope to finish under 1 hour. I run for time and all the joy that USED to come with the party afterwards in the polo fields. Music, vendors, a place to chill and spread out afterwards. You probably haven’t been around long enough to realize that even having a place to find your friends in the bleachers by alphabet made this sooo special. Now, it’s just another race put on by some big corporate sponsor who really could give a crap about what is was to the people running, and to the city of San Francisco. Shame on you.

“I miss the days when the SF Examiner was the race sponsor. Ever since Zazzle took over this race, they’ve diminished it. The entry fees are now OUTRAGEOUS and what race sponsor does NOT include a t-shirt in their fees? That’s just BS! They no longer allow floats and they’ve moved the starting time up to 7:00am which is BRUTAL for those of us, like me, down in the south bay. This has always been my favorite race of the year and sadly, they are really ruining it. Shame on you Zazzle! Some things are about tradition….not money!

“Oh you can get a t-shirt but you have to register at the “Plus” level with is $72 or the “Premium” level which is $89.50!! That doesn’t even include the additional fees for Muni to get you to or from the starting/finish line or the added fees to have your packet mailed to you or the processing fees. I’ve never had to pay this much for a 12k race entry in my life. It used to be $35 and you got a t-shirt. Last year they changed the starting time to 7:00am so we had to leave SJ by 5:00am which was ridiculous. They never used to have a limit on entries and now it’s cutoff at 50,000 (years ago there were more than 80,000 entries) and they eliminated a lot of traditional things (like the floats). That’s part of what made it so whacky and fun! All they care about now is $$. They’re just ruining the tradition of this race and robbing people blind now.

“I think it’s really sad what they’re doing to this 101 year old iconic race. My husband, my friend, & I have been doing this event for almost 30 years together. Now they’ve taken all of the fun, camaraderie, family togetherness (ie: no running strollers so no young families, no dogs so no companions, not to mention no T-shirt with our registration).. out of it.(I don’t care about no alcohol) Next they’ll say no walking, so no old fogies, like our gang :-( Booooooooooo!

“That’s it. Priced me right out of this one. Between hotel, meals, transportation and no t-shirt with basic registration and starting at 7am again this is not fun. $57 times 50000 is $2.85million. Really?”

“I’ve been running this since 1996. I can’t believe that costs have gone up and only by paying even more one gets a tshirt. I’m going to have think about this. I just ran the Oakland Running Festival today. Well organized, friendly, low corporate footprint, and depending on which race you ran you got a specific shirt. You guys are losing the spirit in more ways than one.”

Bay to Breakers was going fine for almost a century, so what went wrong?


Consider This Your Invitation to the Bay to Breakers Street Party in the Panhandle on May 20th – It’s Free! – It’s Fun!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Hey, it’s time to start organizing your trip to San Francisco for the Bay to Breakers street party on May 20th, 2012. Do you have your costume ready yet?

Here’s just one house on Fell Street, from last year:

Click to expand

Here’s your official guide.

Now I’ll tell you, in years past, there were all kinds of controversies regarding this annual tradition. But so far in 2012 I haven’t heard word one in the media about this event. That’s a big green light for you and your friends to come on down this year. The thing that’s changed lately is that you can’t have parade floats to push around anymore. That’s it.

But whatever you do, don’t register. All that does is send money to some hard-core right winger Prop 8 supporting billionaire fitness nut who “bought” this event because he liked participating in it. No, just show up ready to par-TAY.

Oh, and remember, don’t let anybody in some T-shirt push you around. The only people who you need to listen to are in the SFPD, pretty much.

And me – I’ve lived on Fell Street for donkey’s years and I, personally, am inviting you and your cousins and your frat and/or sorority to come on down.

See you soon!



By Justin Beck: Naked Guy and Roller Skating Ballerina at OccupySF – On the Edge of NSFW

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Wow, another winner from Justin Beck:


Click to expand

Upon further review, it turns out that the roller skater is not wearing a tutu. Quel dommage!

But anyway, another ballet season is coming in less than a month at our San Francisco Ballet, starting with the bay area version of The Nutcracker and then the entire 2012 season proper in January. Hurray!

Male Models Standing Around in Only Their Boxers This AM in the Financh? It’s the Men’s WearHouse National Suit Drive

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Why are “[t]eams of attractive men, dressed only in boxers, dress shoes, socks, and ties, carrying huge signs that read, ‘Give the suit off your back?’”

‘Cause it’s time for the National Suit Drive 2011 all during August.

It looks a little like this:

Click to expand

All the deets:

“The Suits Are Off” for the Fight against Unemployment – Men Shed Clothes on the Streets of San Francisco Encouraging Charitable Donations to The Men’s Wearhouse’s National Suit Drive

What: They’re back! Once again, scantily clad street teams will storm the streets of San Francisco to raise awareness and encourage others to give the suits off their backs for the Men’s Wearhouse’s Fourth Annual National Suit Drive, the country’s largest collection of business attire to help unemployed workers “suit up” for success.

Street teams will strut their stuff during the morning rush to encourage donations at more than 900 Men’s Wearhouse locations (including 10 stores in the San Francisco area). More information is available at

Why: Throughout the month of August, Men’s Wearhouse will collect gently used men’s and women’s suits, shirts, jackets, ties, belts, and shoes and distribute these items to approximately five local charities, including Shoreline Workforce Development Services and Volunteers of America Greater Sacramento & Northern Nevada.”


NoPA Grandmother Tries to End Bay to Breakers Street Party 2011 All By Herself – Gets Ignored – Gets High-Fived

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

This semi-official “Neighborhood Ambassador” of the 100th running of the Bay to Breakers event somehow got the idea that she should  start shutting down the annual after-party on Fell Street all by herself.

She spent a while hectoring these street youth until one of them proffered his hand for a high-five good-bye. (You see, he was too polite just to walk away during the haranguing session.) She left him hanging for a bit with his hand fixed in the air but eventually she responded in kind and then the kids, the Future of America, the people who were doing nothing wrong, felt free to walk away without appearing to be too disrespectful.

The scene on Fell – what happens when you try to end an afternoon party at lunchtime:

Click to expand

Some of the “Ambassadors” felt it was their job to prevent people from walking across the Panhandle to get to the other side, you know, the same way residents of Fell Street do the other 364 days of the year, However, the citizens of SF mostly managed to ignore these brownshirts.

Good times.

See you next year in 2012, Bay to Breakers!

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee Loses Famous LovEvolution Event (aka The Love Parade) to Oakland for 2011

Friday, July 1st, 2011

This year’s lovEvolution Dance Music Festival will be in Oakland instead of San Francisco?



Click to expand

(Are there street parties still around in the 415 these days?)

Compared to all the other counties out there in America, San Francisco is the highest cost and highest hassle location to do any kind of event. Why is that?

Instead of this:

Via Famous David Yu

We’re going to have this – sad hipsters all dressed up with no place to go excepting the Oakland Coliseum:

Via Ben Chaney

Good-Bye Love Parade. Come back someday if you can.

Ah, memories. (I wonder if all the hyperlinks still work…) Anyway, enjoy 2009:

Via W. Kilinger’s Photostream

LovEvolution 2009 (or LoveFest or the Love Parade, call it what you will, gallery here) went down in Civic Center yesterday- what a huge turnout it had.

Here are the best photos uploaded to Flickr.

Auric Goldfinger really started a trend, back in the day:

3979644102_031524e5b6_b copy

via Kanaka

Cf. this shot from the Chronicle’s Frederic Larson – showing why you generally want to keep your white people skin tone magentas lower than the yellows. As always, click to expand.

Hey buddy, get gold or get gone – chest hair is no excuse:

3978198834_73245e0686_b copy

via SFBart

Here we go, a little gold goes a long way:

3979132855_8ec2809a24_b copy

Kanaka again

All right, that’s it for gold. Now how about orange?

3978791719_1ceb09aa73_b copy

Beefcake beefcake, beefcake!

3978171538_a88c8d0e3b_b copy

via SFBart

DJ Baybe flew in from Spain just for this event:

3979415434_e0b588087e_b copy

via Benjsf

The Center of Attention:

3979413662_49e88f02fa_b copy

via Bendjsf

Furry boots on top of the truck require an extra hand or two to secure footing:

3979810812_0bacee02ea_b copy

via Kanaka

And let’s give it up for the DJs:

3978653576_b084d3cd78_b copy

via Kanaka

Everybody is a participant, everybody is an observer:

3979127488_545dfa239b_o copy

via kutchingboy

It’s all fur this year, either up top or on your platform shoes.

3978073497_6964d9b547_b copy

via Brian Caldwell

Market Street was just packed, baby:

251979690_0ce7834172_b copy

via Kumasawa

And if you can’t afford the entrance fee, just neck outside the double chain link – show them all why they call it LovEvolution:

3978840262_fa21bb6834_b copy

via Brain Caldwell

LovEvolution 2009 (or LoveFest or the Love Parade, call it what you will) is still going strong down in Civic Center today – what a huge turnout it has – check the best photos from Flickr and some more photos posted on SFist. Now this year everybody’s paying $10 to get in, so that helps to pay for San Francisco’s excessive fees for doing anything, anytime, anywhere. Anyway, it’s fuzzy cowboy hats as far as the eye can see. And MUNI is FUBAR’ed beyond all recognition. Oh well.

Remember, this type of gathering is Why They Hate Us. Not Fleet Week or nothing, it’s this kind of stuff that They hate. Oh well. Here’s a slide show of photos to ponder. And here’s the post-first, edit-later (Go Go Gorgeous is a person, really? “Kobayash,” is a last name, really?) San Francisco Chronicle’s take, along with 23 photos. And here’s David Yu’s shots.

The cage dancers of Market go rolling up the street. Go Go Gorgeous!

IMG_7783 copy

Click to expand

Sandra Gorgeous of GGG, (“a full-service Go Go company“) blowing you a kiss – the whole team is “all about adding that sexy, fun, and friendly energy to good events. Pour some gorgeous into your event!” Available, I’m sure, for weddings, bar mitzvahs….

IMG_7752 copy

They had a ton of floats going uptown to Civic Center…

IMG_7890 copy

…populated by people like these representatives from Sweet Tooth Entertainment:

IMG_7899 copy

2009 on the left, 1969 on the right. Dude was baked:

CRW_6526 copy

Do people really spray paint their Dell Inspiron laptop computers gold and then take them on parade? People do. Gold! I love goooold!”

IMG_7924 copy

And they all ended up in Civic Center, thusly. Just look at all these good-for-nothing pukes clogging up the place – is this why my grandfather fought the Second World War, and spent his weekends on the Jersey shore?

IMG_7951 copy

Pretty much.

See you next year!

poster copy

SF LovEvolution Fast Facts

WHAT: San Francisco LovEvolution : A Dance Music Parade & FestivalLove Week page for more info.San Francisco LovEvolution Event Changes this year : on the need for a $10 entrance fee to the festival site at Civic Center Plaza

WHEN: Love Week starts Wednesday, September 30th with official and affiliated parties each night all week and through the weekend.
The main LovEvolution event is Saturday, October 3rd from 12noon – 8:00pm.

WHO: SF LovEvolution is all ages & all friendly peoples.

WHAT’S MORE: A parade starts from 2nd & Market St. in downtown San Francisco with ~25 floats heading West down Market St.  The parade is free and all ages.

THEN WHAT: The floats arrive at Civic Center plaza where they park to becomes 25 stages on a transformed festival grounds with food, beverage, a new live electronic and performance stage, and outstanding revelry.  There is a $10 entrance fee to the festival grounds, children under 12 with their parents are Free.  All ages welcome.  No outside alcohol.

WHY: The entrance fee was necessary for the survival of the event due to significantly higher city related fees.  Please read the whole story below!

THERE’S MORE (!): After the festival ends at 8:00pm a number of after parties kick off all over the city, including the Official After Party produced by Skills & Spundae on site at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.  After parties have their own admission and age policies.  See the


As anyone who attended last years event knows, SF LovEvolution is now the largest electronic music event in America. Thanks to all those who have faithfully supported us and to the many new Lovers who attended last year. Because of the growth of LovEvolution, however, and to preserve our ability to parade down Market Street and party right in front of San Francisco City Hall, we’ve had to institute a few changes to this years event.

First, because of escalating city fees and the events growth last year, LovEvolution 2009 will require a large increase in all levels of traffic, police, security and medical personnel. This translates into a very large increase in how much money it costs to pull off this special event. As this is a non-profit event with minimal corporate sponsorship, we will be charging a $10 admission to LovEvolution this year in order to pay for the increased staff and other event expenses. We’ve always asked for a $10 donation but since most people do not give, donations are not sufficient to fund and improve the event. In order to be able to continue the event, we received special permission from the city for a $10 admission plan. This is as close to free as we could make it and at $10 for 250 world class DJs, LovEvolution is still the best bargain for an event of this scale in America. **We pay 100% of the costs back to the city, so without this change, we could not have the event. Please note kids under 12 with their parents are FREE. You can also get in free by volunteering. Of course – the parade is FREE to all and the entire event from 12noon- 8:00pm is still ALL AGES.** (After parties will vary by event).

Second, there will be no glass or outside alcohol allowed in the event. This has always been a condition of our permits, but when the event was smaller we never had to enforce. But the site was littered with broken glass last year that presented a safety hazard, so we now have to enforce this policy. This is for all our safety and is no different than at any concert or gated event, so please don’t bring alcohol or glass, it will be confiscated or you’ll be turned away at the gates.

On the bright side, the $10 admission will allow us to continue having this amazing event as well as to add some special production elements in Civic Center plaza. This year we are premiering the LovEvolution Live stage in front of city hall featuring an all out performance by The Mutaytor, and much more tba. The $10 admission will also allow us to reduce prices at our bars since we are now not as dependent upon alcohol sales to pay for the event. We’ll also be eventually eliminating entry fees fees for the floats so producers can make their floats even better. And YES – there will be ins and out allowed. And YES, kids under 12 with their parents are FREE.

Last but not least, the $10 admission will allow us to increase the amount of our non-profit contributions to other worthy organizations. Non-profits that received funds last year and/or we expect to donate to this year include:

Friends of the Main Library
Next Aid
Aids Housing Alliance
The Center for Sex and Culture
Beat University Scholarship Fund
Black Rock Arts Foundation
Bay Area Young Positives
Burners Without Borders
San Francisco Suicide Prevention/HIV AIDS Nightline
Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity

Thanks for your support and looking forwarding to a fabulous LovEvolution 2009!!

Word on the Street: “Burn Fat, Not Oil”

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

As seen on Market Street:

Click to expand

Now, where have I seen these dolls before?

The Best Photos From Bay to Breakers 100, Including Some Naked People – Who Got Nude in 2011?

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

OMG, once again, it’s Bay to Breakers:

“Thank you Bay to Breakers…my naked guy quota for the year has been accomplished in one day.”

O.K. then.

Fell Street in the afternoon – it was house party after house party:

Click to expand

Via David W Oliver:

Via David W Oliver:

Via David W Oliver:

Via David W Oliver:

Via David W Oliver:

Via David W Oliver:

Via David W Oliver:

Via David Yu:

Via David Yu:

Via David Yu:

All right, a few NSFW naked people, after the jump.


Historic Bay to Breakers 100 Panhandle Street Party Rages On Into the Afternoon – Plus, the SFPD’s Real Policy on Alcohol

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Journalists Gerry Shih Jennifer Gollan reveal the street-level policy of the SFPD at the Bay to Breakers when encountering an non-registered partier with alcohol

“If they’re open containers we pour it out,” said an officer who declined to give his name. “If they’re closed we leave them alone. If they’re drunk we take them to the tank, if they fight we arrest them.”

This comports exactly with what I’ve seen. So that’s what you should keep in mind when you show up for the street party in 2012

Now, check it, the cops have already passed through and DPW is still cleaning up Fell Street, but, the party rages on past 1:00 PM:

Click to expand

After the elite runners finish up at 7:40 AM, it’s an all-out street party for the 415, all day long.