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Innovative 3D Maps Show Where to Find Drugs and Prostitutes in San Francisco – It’s DataSF!

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Berkeley’s famous Doug McCune is at it again. Earlier this year he pwned Apple / Steve Jobs over Adobe Flash phobia and now he’s taken arrest data for San Francisco and displayed it in three dimensions (sort of) to answer the query:

“What If San Francisco Crime Were Elevation?”

First with the drugs. No surprises here, really. Note the bump in the Lombard / Marina area where it’s cheaper to live in a motel than live in an apartment for some reason. Also note, the hillock in the outer Outer Sunset way out there near La Playa – that surprises me not. However, I was not aware of some of the other baby hills on this map. (Also, appears as if some of our youthful USF students are more into the drugs than their peers at SFSU…)

Simply, this is an awesome way to display this data:

Now, with the sex workers. Again, Lombard Street seems to have more than its fair share of elevation.

The bumps in the Sunset and the Richmond – I can’t relate them to my mental map of San Francisco. But there they are: 

Doug beseeches us to not consider these maps “as being accurate,” but it’s a little late for that for me.

Anyway, it’s quite an art project. (In fact, there’s your art show right there – just do these maps in 3D for real using paper or whatnot and then get the National Endowment for the Arts on the horn.)

This is doubleplusgood. Three cheers!

Arrest #49 for Local Burglar – Baited Car in Golden Gate Park Proves Irresistable

Friday, July 31st, 2009

What items tempt you the most when you scan parked cars for Objects in Plain View  – would it be a laptop computer, an iPod, maybe a backpack? Well, be careful, cause when the SFPD baits cars for sting operations in Golden Gate Park, they sometimes use all three. (It’s almost like entrapment, or something. So tempting these parcels are, next thing you know, it’s smashy smashy!)

From the Richmond District Blog comes a sneak peek of Richmond Station Police Captain Richard Corriea‘s next weekly update for the Richmond District Police Community Police Forum. Read an entire entry below.

Is this a parking lot, a freeway, or Golden Gate Park‘s MLK Drive near the Inner Sunset on a recent Friday? Click to expand:

IMG_7201 copy

Yes, it’s MLK near the Friend Gate of Strybing Arboretum. Perhaps the cars huddle together for safety?

Here’s why:

“On July 25, 2009 Richmond [District] officers working in plain clothes staked out a car at Middle Drive and Bowling Green Drive in Golden Gate Park. There were several items of value in the car, including, a backpack, computer and an IPOD. The officers knew from experience that an auto burglar would find the car an appealing target. Indeed, several hours into the stakeout an individual burglarized the car, and he was immediately arrested. A subsequent search of the suspect turned up evidence from a theft committed nearby earlier in the day and narcotics. The suspect, who has been arrested forty-nine times, including thirty-one times for felonies, was booked for burglary, possession of stolen property, theft and a narcotics violation. This individual is likely responsible for several auto burglaries daily.”

How many car windows do you have to break to get a rap sheet this long – hundreds, thousands?

On It Goes…