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The Following Crutch Phrases Have Been Banned in San Francisco for 2011: World-Class, Win-Win and Natural Amphitheatre

Friday, January 21st, 2011

1. The phrase “world-class” is meaningless. It’s generally uttered by those who don’t know what they’re talking but, for some reason, feel compelled to talk.

2. Agreements, almost by definition, are meant to provide benefit to both sides of a transaction. Calling any particular agreement a “win-win” is like calling water wet.

3. San Francisco, simply, is not a “natural amphitheatre.” Sorry.

All right, whenever you’re away from the City and County, try to use all three in a sentence:

It’s roomfuls of thirsty admen that have given us all sorts of cool, meaningless phrases like that.

– Corinthian leather.

– Natural beechwood aging

– Tastes great, less filling