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Did the SFPD’s Park Station Spend Half a Day Just Taking Shopping Carts Away from Homeless People? Yes – Shift Log

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Well here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth:

“Our zero tolerance for quality of life violations is continuing. We are recovering many misappropriated shopping carts.”

So that’s why the SFPD’s Park Station spent half a day taking shopping carts away from homeless people

Check it, the log from January 29th, 2013:

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Per commenter bd3517:

“According to the 1/24/13 Park Station Newsletter, in that week they recovered 11 shopping carts, describing it as misappropriation of property. An example entry from the report:‘Officer Diskin recovered a misappropriated shopping cart and admonished the culprit who had misappropriated it.'”

This is what it looks like.

Stage left – officer Diskin nabs yet another shopping cart in the Western Addition / Upper Haight areas, his fourth shopping cart collar of the morning of January 29th:

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And stage right:

Park Station didn’t confiscate shopping carts like this before.

I wonder what led to this policy…

Here’s the Answer: Yes the SFPD _Does_ Have a New Policy of Taking Shopping Carts Away from Homeless People

Thursday, January 31st, 2013

Per commenter bd3517:

“According to the 1/24/13 Park Station Newsletter in that week they recovered 11 shopping carts, describing it as misappropriation of property. An example entry from the report:‘Officer Diskin recovered a misappropriated shopping cart and admonished the culprit who had misappropriated it.'”

This is what it looks like.

Stage left:

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And stage right:

Park Station didn’t confiscate shopping carts like this before.

I wonder what led to this policy.

Here It Is: The First Ever S.F. Sheriff’s Newsletter – From Ross Mirkarimi – Poor Andrea Shorter! – Poor Ron Conway!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Let me tell you, there are two kinds of commission heads in the 415.

There’s the kind what graduates from real Harvard and actually shows some backbone and…

…the kind what goes to fake* Harvard and, actually, appears to be invertebrate.

Just saying.

Hey, speaking of Ross Mirkarimi, guess who’s settling into his new job.


I’d give you a link to this newsletter but I don’t know how.

This guy might know tho:

© 2012 San Francisco Sheriff’s Department 
Information Technology Support and Services  
Questions and comments to

Now, what’s left. Or should I say, what’s right, what’s a right-wing Republican billionaire like Ron Conway doing trying to make San Francisco bidness-friendly?

But oh no, now it appears he’s grown tried of politics?

Say it isn’t so!

Things, allegedly, were working out so well before, back when naive Ron Conway was spending money to elect and unelect Christina Olague AT THE SAME TIME. You’re not that politically astute, are you, Ron Conway?

Ah memories.

I’m sure Andrea Shorter the spineless jellyfish and Ron Conway the Decline To State Republican can figure something out over the coming weeks, months, years or decades.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to make do with Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi. 

*You make the call on this one. If you, a government functionary, sign up for and attend a 19-day course at Hahvard, would you later put the experience on your Linked In? I wouldn’t.

And if you, the high-level worker at Equality, labored there during that controversial period, would you put it on your Linked In? I wouldn’t relish doing that neither.

Anyway, have at it:

“Harvard University Kennedy School of Government
Senior Executive Education
2009 – 2009

Activities and Societies: David Bohnett Fellow

Senior Executive Education at Harvard University Kennedy School of Government

 Atlas Leadership Strategies is a political coaching and consulting firm specializing in client specific advanced political leadership skill development by providing discreet, highly confidential one-to-one support to:Chief Executive Political Coach and Consultant

Atlas Leadership Strategies
January 2011 – Present (2 years)

– persons considering running for office – for the first time or following a defeat

– newly elected and appointed officials to help set their agenda for the first few months in office

– experienced elected and appointed officials considering running for another office or transitioning out of public office (retiring)

Chief Executive Political Coach and Consultant Andrea Shorter, brings 25 years as an accomplished public official, cutting edge public policy leader, political strategist, and civil and human rights advocate. She has developed a results oriented one-on-one political leadership coaching style sought by state and local government officials. She continues to provide public policy, messaging strategies, and crisis management consultation to candidates, non-profit and political organization leaders, and key elected officials including Mayors, District Attorneys, State Legislators, County Supervisors, School Board Commissioners, Trustees, and the California Attorney General.

In 2009, Andrea was awarded the prestigious David Bohnett Fellowship at the Harvard-Kennedy School’s Executive Education Program in State and Local Government”

Meet America’s Newest Top Hippy Cop: SFPD Captain Denis O’Leary of Park Station

Friday, November 12th, 2010

The Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood Council welcomed new police captain Denis O’Leary last night on Page Street.


Subscribe to the Park Station newsletter if you want to keep up on things in the 94117.

HANC – Meet the new Captain of SFPD Park Station

When: November 11, 2010 – Thursday 7:00 p.m.

Where: The Urban School, 1563 Page Street, San Francisco

What: Captain Denis O’Leary will share his thoughts and intentions concerning policing in the Haight.


Watch the Bikes Belong in Traffic Video, Courtesy of the SFPD and SFBC

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

As foreseen by the SFPD Richmond Station Newsletter, yesterday’s Police/Community Forum at Congregation Beth Shalom dealt with the relationship between bicyclists, motorists and pedestrians.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Program Director Andy Thornley was on hand to talk about the Bike to Work Month and everybody got a chance to see the SFPD/ Bicycle Coalition video ”Bikes belong in Traffic.”

Andy Thornley with Captain Richard Corriea. Andy was cross-examined over the number of bicycles he owns by an inquisitive community member.

And here’s the jazzy ten-minute video!

Richmond District residents should be sure to attend next month’s meeting – it’ll be all about the Outside Lands Music Festival. Should be interesting…

Keep Up With Police Matters in the Richmond District Via a New Blog

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Well, here it is – the brand spanking new RICHMOND DISTRICT POLICE COMMUNITY RELATIONS FORUM. At the very least, it will allow people to keep up with the haps in the 94118/94121 without having to navigate the labyrinth that is Blogging is all the rage with the authortahs these days, what with the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Public Safety blog, the LAPD blog, etc.

Anyway, the new blog from new Richmond Station Captain Richard Corriea

…looks like this:

And it has some enlightening tidbits that should be of interest to everybody in The Richmond and beyond. Like this You May Already Have Won scam:

“On 02/18/09 at 11:45am, officers working responded to a call from a financial advisor at a financial institution on Market St. regarding an elderly client who was possibly the victim of a fraud or scam.  The officers learned that the victim, an 83 year old a Richmond District resident, had been withdrawing large amounts of money from their account since 02/10/09.  On 02/12/09 the victim withdrew a $40,000.00 ostensibly to buy a house and thus needed to close their account.  When questioned further by the advisor, the victim said she had won the lottery and needed to pay taxes before receiving her winnings.   The officers went to the victim’s home and learned that she had received several phone calls from a male who claimed that the victim had won $2.5 million dollars in the lottery and needed to wire funds to a particular account in Jamaica to pay the taxes before collecting the winnings.    The officers explained to the victim that they suspected fraud and instructed the victim not to send any money.   The woman was hesitant as she truly believed that she had won the lottery, but agreed not to send any additional money.   Several other agencies were contacted by the officers to assist the victim.  On 02/19/09 officers went to the victims’ home again to check in with her and learned that after the officers left the previous day she had received another phone call from the suspect who convinced her that she had in fact won the lottery and that the money had to be sent.  The victim had just returned from sending a cashiers check via an overnight express.  Officers took the victim back to the express office and were able to retrieve the check.” 

Ouch. Anyway, that’s the kind of stuff you’ll learn about.

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