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The Sad End of “Interim” Mayor Ed Lee’s “Run Ed Run” Website: “This Website No Longer Exists” – Really?

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

So let’s take a trip down memory lane to check out what that¬†Run Ed Run website, you know, looks like, see whazzup these days:

Uh, but website, you do exist. You’re right there. How can you be able to say that you don’t exist if you don’t exist?

This one’s a stumper.

It’s like saying, “This photo of a MUNI underground entrance no longer exists.”


San Diego Shooter via Flickr 

And yet, it does exist.

(What did the Run Ed Run people change the website for? To kill the cached images of the site?)

Oh well.

Here’s my version:

All right, I’m off to make a $5000 political donation, you know, under someone else’s name.

May I borrow your checkbook? I’ll pay you back up front…