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The Presidio’s Newest Trail – the 1000-Step Immigrant Point/Coastal Connector

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Now up in Marin, you go to the hoosegow if you start trailblazing on public lands. But in San Francisco, the authoritahs are more understanding. They’ll talk about how you forged a “social” or “non-designated” trail, and then they’ll go and spend time and effort to make it proper.

As is the case in the Presidio, with the recent unveiling of the winding, “ass-kicking” Immigrant Point/Coastal Connector, a so-called 1000 Steps Trail. (Really, it’s only just 808 footsteps directly down from the Immigrant Point Overlook on Washington to the nude area of Baker Beach via the sand ladder trail, but oh well.)

From the Immigrant Point Overlook on Washington Boulevard. Click to expand

You should check it out. The top part is just like a stair-stepping machine, except you’re outdoors in the fresh air. How unnatural.

The map link is above, here is the map. The trail starts on the south side of the Overlook on Washington Blvd and then winds down to Lincoln Blvd. (This photo is from before the recent changes, so you can’t see all of the new trail, FYI) From there, you can go wherever you want on Lincoln. The sand ladder to the nude part of Baker Beach is on the left:

Click to expand.

See you there!

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