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What’s Going on Here, a Caravan of Consecutively-Numbered, Blacked-Out SUV’s Carrying Chinese People from Louisiana?

Friday, February 12th, 2016

[UPDATE: Oh, I see, “California State Public Highway One” (in simplified Chinese) SUV Tours, something like that. A mystery solved…]

Photographer James Corrigan is wondering what’s going on here out in the west si-ide:

IMG_1552 (1) copy

I aint never seen this. The left side means Californy and the right side means public something or other?

IMG_1551 copy

IDK. But I’ll find out, soon ‘nough.

(Maybe it’s a race to see who can buy more houses in the Sunset?)

San Francisco’s 17th is the King of All Numbered Streets

Saturday, June 27th, 2009

San Francisco proper has 30 numbered streets, but only one has the gumption, the temerity, the will to make it across Market Street AND to keep on trucking up and over the nearest ridge, hilly geography be damned.

That makes 17th the King of All Numbered Streets in San Francisco.

Click to expand:

IMG_8635 copy

Ahora mas que nunca, 17th es el rey de todas las calles numeradas.