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Oy Vey: “OyShaughnessy” – This is How Our PUC Spells O’Shaughnessy These Days

Friday, April 15th, 2016

Welcome to Frisco, SFPUC

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All right, I’m off to OyShaughnessy Dam for a little picnic with Miss OyShaughnessy.  I’ll pick her up at the Cathedral Building on California and then we’ll drive down OyShaughnessy and then go past the OyShaughnessy Seawall. And then I’m going to help track down her sister.

MalteseShaughnessy4 (1)

Brigid seems real nice!

Oh Look, It’s the #44 O’Shaughnessy – Much Cheaper Than the Former CultureBus, Which Used to Cost $10 One-Way

Wednesday, January 13th, 2016

You know, what some at our Academy of Sciences really want is an underground BART / MUNI Metro spur headed straight to Powell Station, a subway, the way they have it for American Museum of Natural History in NYC. The substitute for that that somebody came up with back in the aughts was The CultureBus.

It didn’t work out.

7J7C2248 copy

Anyway, the #44 O’Shaughnessy still works, as does taking the #5 Fulton and then walking to the Music Concourse from Fulton, which is what a lot of people did even during the brief time those orange-yellow Culturebuses ran…