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Hundreds Attend Rained-Out Kristi Yamaguchi Children’s Day Festival in Japantown

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

San Francisco’s annual Kristi Yamaguchi’s Children’s Day Festival took place indoors today, but that didn’t spoil the fun.

Here’s what it looked outdoors last year, without the rain.

The gymnasium at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California on Sutter was a lively scene today:

Date: Saturday, May 2, 2009
Time: 11:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Japantown Peace Plaza
Street: Post and Buchanan Streets
City/Town: San Francisco, CA 


In recognition of Japan’s national holiday celebrating children, the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Northern California is presenting its annual Children’s Day Festival. There will be entertainment, food, games, and hands-on arts & crafts activities for youngsters. Bring your family and friends and enjoy the fun! Admission is free.

Next year’s should be drier…

China’s Olympic Legacy – No More International Torch Relays

Friday, March 27th, 2009

Well that’s the news of the day – in light of the fiasco that was the 2008 Olympic International Torch Relay, the International Olympic Committee has just announced that there aint going to any more of those anytime soon. So, it’s going to be host-country relays only. Per the New York Times:

“The I.O.C. hopes to avoid the ugly scenes that erupted in San Francisco, Paris and London last year.” 

O.K. then. Here’s how the torch relay on the Streets of San Francisco looked last year, when official torch bearer Andrew Michael, seen seated in a wheelchair below, managed to get some attention by displaying a Tibetan flag:

But, OMG, he signed a contract saying he wouldn’t express hisself like that. OMG, HE SIGNED A CONTRACT with Coca Cola or somebody and then when against it. Can you imagine? If only the Sacred Flame Protection Squad had been at full force that day, they could have pushed over his wheelchair, or given him a beatdown, or manhandled him the way they did with fellow torchbearer Majora Carter

Anyway, there’s your Chinese Olympic Legacy.

Does San Francisco’s Olympic Club Have an Olympic Class Pool? Of Course

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

This is the view you get if you can ever get an invite to visit San Francisco’s Olympic Club in Union Square.

And if you measure it, you’ll come up with 164 feet, meaning that they have an Olympic Class pool, just like what they have at the University of San Francisco’s Koret Center.

Natch. Click to expand:

via Thomas Hawk’s photostream

And hey, the Oly Club is hiring!

Chinese Paramilitary Police Operating on the Streets of San Francisco

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

The Flame Protection Squad was at it again yesterday. Elements of the People’s Armed Police Force (PAP) didn’t cotton to Olympic torchbearer Majora Carter when they saw her express herself, as you can see on this San Francisco Chronicle video here.

Another torchbearer, Andrew Michael, managed to get some attention as well.


Media pool photo, Carlos Avila Gonzalez

It seems the duties of a torch protector are being pretty broadly defined by the PAP.

Official Olympic Torch Plane has arrived at SFO

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Normally, airplanes and fires don’t mix, but this Airbus A330 and the Olympic Flame seem to be making their Journey of Harmony well enough.

Departs tomorrow from SFO
Phonalanji via Flickr

Here Come the Men in Blue – Olympic Torch Run “Flame Protection Squad” in S.F., CA

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

Well here they come, the paramilitary Flame Protection Squad, direct from the People’s Republic of China. They’re a little secretive and they’re partial to the color blue,  so it’s like the Men in Black meets Blue Man Group.

These Chinese flame guards have sparked controversy all over the world. Why? Let’s hear from torchbearer and international mega-babe Connie Huq when she ran with them a few days back in merrie olde England:

“They were very robotic, very full on, and actually I noticed them having skirmishes with our own police and the Olympic authorities before our leg of the relay, which was confusing. They were barking orders at me, like ‘Run! Stop!’, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, who are these people? They kept pushing my hand up higher when I was holding the torch, so they were … interesting.” 

Wujing in the hiz-ouse:

diamond geezer on the Flickr

Just who are these “burly henchmen,” labelled “thugs” by Lord Coe during an unguarded moment? They’re just the People’s Armed Police Force (PAP) and probably they are the best of the best, so that means some of them could be from Beijing S.W.A.T. or the Snow Wolf Commando Unit. Groove on their sweet arm patch. Nice doggy:

Even if they aren’t snow wolves,each one of them could probably kick all of your asses, so don’t mess with them tomorrow. Rumours of them being all at least 190 cm. in height (6′ 3″) might be a bit of an exaggeration, but they’re like an army of Jack Bauers without the cowboy attitude.

Elements of the lower ranked levels of the San Francisco Police Department are already speculating on whether this unit of the People’s Armed Police is actually armed when on American soil. Good question. Regardless, they’ll do what can to protect the Olympic flame tomorrow. It should be interesting.

San Francisco: Hundreds of Irate Tibetans Protest 2008 Olympics in Beijing

Monday, March 10th, 2008

March 10 is the anniversary of the Tibetan National Uprising so there were protests all over the world today. San Franciscans saw about 400 people march from City Hall to the Chinese Consulate.

We’ll get to see the Olympic Torch passing through in April. San Francisco is the only stop in North America for the flame so expect to see a lot more protesting going on then.