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Pilot Looks Right While Co-Pilot Looks Left – That’s Proper Crew Resource Management When Approaching Van Ness

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

I guess these red Co-Pilot decals* are the updated versions of those BABY ON BOARD! signs of yesteryear.

“Despite waning in popularity, the signs have entered the American lexicon. In 1993, The Simpsons episode “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet” featured a barbershop quartet tune called “Baby On Board“. The song was written by Homer Simpson in a flashback to 1985 when Marge bought a sign, hoping it would stop people “intentionally ramming our car.”

Crew Resource Management requires an ability to judge distance. The airplane flies high…turns left, looks right:

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I really don’t wanna look stupid when I’m sleeping
I never really liked sunny days
The black wings just reach out to me over a distance…
And I can feel the wind from the wings
I see the clouds, I feel the ocean with my feet, and I’m home again
It requires an ability to judge distance
The airplane flies high…turns left, looks right

*Our Noe Valley SF helpfully points out that the stickers come with when you buy this model carrier from the Rhode Gear. That would explain it then.