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One Rincon Hill Weather Beacon Gets in On the Fun – Illuminated Crown Goes Orange for the Giants

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Now, it’s not just City Hall and Coit Tower lit up all orange, ’cause One Rincon Hill (the building that pwned the Infinity Towers) is going Giants Orange for the duration of the 2010 MLB playoffs.


All the deets:

RINCON HILL WEATHER BEACON SALUTES THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS’ DIVISION CROWN – Illuminated crown on One Rincon Hill takes a break from its daily weather forecast to celebrate the Giants’ playoff run with orange light display

SAN FRANCISCO (Oct. 8, 2010) – The Rincon Hill Weather Beacon, the lighted “crown” adorning One Rincon Hill, a San Francisco landmark atop Rincon Hill, is celebrating the San Francisco Giants’ division crown and playoff run along with the rest of the City. 
The 64-story luxury condominium building, among the tallest structures on the San Francisco skyline and the first marker at the foot of the Bay Bridge into the City, is taking a break from it weather forecast hues of red, blue, green and amber, and switching to orange.  The special color illumination began last night and will continue through the rest of the Giants’ playoff (and potential World Series) run. 
The Rincon Hill Weather Beacon is a first in the Bay Area, and carries the tradition of other tall buildings worldwide which have used their height and prominence to provide the local weather forecast in a code of colored or flashing lights.  It also pays homage to the former Bank of America Clock Tower (originally the Union 76 Clock Tower), previously a fixture on the site where One Rincon Hill’s residential condos now rise, and where residents and visitors once looked to Rincon Hill for  “timely” but useful daily information from a digital clock.  Today, Rincon Hill’s Weather Beacon provides a weather forecast visible from the approach into the City from the East Bay and from much of the SoMa District.
“Currently with more than 450 residents, One Rincon Hill is proud to be able to support the team and help illuminate the spirit of San Francisco Giants fans everywhere with our beacon,” said David Kriozere, principal of Urban West Associates, the developer of One Rincon Hill. “Our weather beacon adds to the beauty of San Francisco’s skyline and One Rincon Hill’s place in it, acknowledges the neighborhood’s past and illuminates the tremendous change and bright future of Rincon Hill, South of Market and the entire region.”
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