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Victory Over Copper Thieves! The Presidio’s Wyman Houses are Now Move-in Ready – $25K/Mo?

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Get a load of this drive-by cutie on Wyman Avenue in our Presidio. It used to be graffitoed beyond recognition but now it’s ready for bidness with all its copper pipe replaced.

What’s stopping you from cutting a deal for one of these babies asides from rents as high as $25k per month? (Of course, they also have smaller ones for a lot less.)

As you might expect, the completely awesome Richmond District Blog is all over this situation, what with photos, video, the works.

What’s that you say, Looky-Lou, you want to know when’s the open house?

“The Trust will hold two open houses for the Wyman homes on Saturday, September 4 and Wednesday, September 8 from 11am to 3pm.”

See you there!

Seep into the wood of the great estates
Animals your soul will guide [if only they allowed pets…]”

All the deets, Player, after the jump.


Temporary Transbay Terminal Open House on August 3rd – Refreshments, Giveaways and More!

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Oh, it’s on. Word comes from SF FYI Net about the big Transbay Temporary Terminal Open House that’s coming up at 4:00 PM on Tuesday, August 3rd.

And do you know what this joint at the TTT will feature?

“Tours of the open air facility, refreshments, giveaways and more.”

It’s going to be a blast!

(Will AC Transit-loving Epic Beard Man Thomas Bruso show up? We Can Only Hope.)

As it looked under construction, your new bus terminal for the next seven-plus years:

via Monica’s Dad

All the deets of this transit par-TAY:

“YOU’RE INVITED!  Join us for a special Open House to learn more about how the Transbay Temporary Terminal will operate. The Temporary Terminal will serve as temporary home to AC Transit, Muni, Greyhound, Golden Gate Transit, Lynx, and SamTrans until the new Transit Center is completed in 2017.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TIME: 4-7pm

WHERE: Transbay Temporary Terminal, Main Street at Howard Street

WHO: The event is open to the public.Transit riders who currently use the Transbay Terminal are encouraged to attend.

FEATURING Tours of the open air facility, refreshments, giveaways and more.”

AC Transit has all the deets of the TTT for all you BART-haters, after the jump


The Tenderloin’s St. Boniface Parish Celebrates 150 Years – Church is 110 Years Young

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

San Francisco’s St. Boniface Parish is celebrating 150 years in San Francisco this month.

It’s an impressive facility, nullus? Check it:

Click to expand

And a random saint from the massive south wall for good measure, let’s call him St. Peter:

Happy birthday, Saint Boniface Parish!

Build It and They Will Come – San Francisco CityPlace Holds an Open House at Mid-Market

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

This was the scene last night at 901 Market on the wrong side of Fifth Street, where Urban Realty Co, Inc. held a meet-and-greet to show off the CityPlace project planned at 935-965 Market Street. The event attracted plenty of media attention but turnout wasn’t all that heavy, at least at first:


Click to expand

Would you like another quarter-million square feet of “value-based retail” in your Mid-Market area? That’s the issue of the day.

The Wizard of Oz Market Street?


Let’s see what’s in store for us, behind the curtain. Is this a Yale Box?

IMG_0798 copy

You Make The Call:


The view from the Tenderloin:


Stevenson now:

IMG_0800 copy

And Stevenson in The Future:


Market Street now:


And Market Street in The Future:


I’m sold. So there’s no reason to actually attend the meeting. Leave us depart into Autumn’s chill:


Let’s build this thing. Light the candle. Start the reactor, free Mars.

Potential Church of Scientology Recruit on Market Street Advised: “Run Girl, Run!”

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

This was how it looked back in the day on Market Street near the Old Navy Flagship Store at the intersection of Fourth and Towne Market. The Church of Scientology had some of its members do some outreach, perhaps they still do that these days.

Anyway, you touch “the cans” and that shows how much stress you have, or something. (Actually, one thing the test tells you how much your grip changes when you hold the cans – do you think that’s a useful measure of anything?)

Click to expand:

GO8F5682 copy

So, one problem is that the whole idea is ridiculous and another is that the Scientologist him/herself might be pressured into buying one of the E-Meters the metal can things are connected to. That’s something on the order of $4000 – an awful lot for a P.O.S., really. Even the eBay price seems to have no relationship to the cost of the parts used to make it. So who’s the real victim in this photo? Hard to tell.

Presenting the “Mark Super VII Quantum E-meter

761px-Scientology_e_meter_blue copy 

Anyway, a passerby suggested to the person in the first photo to, “Drop the cans and run. Run Girl, Run!”

San Francisco Church of Scientology Holds an Open House – Recruiting on Columbus

Friday, September 4th, 2009

This is the scene you’ll see these days at 701 Montgomery betwixt the Financh and North Beach – it’s Open House at the Scientology Mothership!

Well, let’s hear the pitch, from spokesmodel Tom Cruise. O.K. fine.  

Fresh-faced recruits/
For ghastly pursuits:

CRW_6289 copy

And let’s hear from the other side, from a recent visitor to the building

“The man from the front came over and said it was a “stress tester” and I immediately volunteered (at this point my date is wondering how fast he can drop me off).  I held these silver canisters in my hands and watched this needle.  

Scientologist: How’s work is going?
A: Fine.  
Scientologist: What is your boss’ name?
A: Erica  
[Needle was pretty steady.]  
Scientologist: What’s your Mom’s name?
A: Pat  
[Needle moves up a bit.]  
Scientologist: What’s your Dad’s name?
A: Bob.  
[Needle jumps.]  
Scientologist: Ah…there is some tension with your Dad!
A: No, in fact, I am closer to him than my Mom. (I do understand why that’s a safe bet – most of my friends have issues with their Dad.)
[Scientologist ignores this comment and moves on.]  
Scientologist: Are you married or dating?
A: This guy right here.  (I should write a book on what not to do when you just start dating someone.)
[Needle moves up a bit.]  
Scientologist: Well what would you say is causing you the most stress in your life right now? (Reminded me of when Kramer pretended to be the movie phone guy, “Well why don’t you just tell me the name of the movie you want to see?”)”

The story goes on, check it out.

The way the building looks on protest days:


And There You Have It.