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The Somnolent Outer Sunset “La Playa” Shows Signs of Life – Fewer Boarded Up Windows – $5 Large Pizza, $4 Toast

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Here’s a shot from the 4000 block of Judah betwixt 45th and 46th avenues.

Man this place is bleak, no matter what you call it. But it’s between Ocean Beach and city part of San Francisco so it’s not a bad place for a coffee shop, I s’pose.

Hey look, one of the boarded up businesses is getting worked on, right there at 45th:

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But whoops, that former gas station / car service station has been sitting empty for a long while.

On the other side of the street is a rare San Francisco 7-11 featuring $5 large pizza.

This place is what it is, I don’t see the point of the gov’mint trying to change it.

Anyway, read the link above and see if some people aren’t being a tad optimistic…

The Sainted New York Times Discovers San Francisco’s Corrupt Twitterloin: “Western SoMa Area of San Francisco Is Resurgent”

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Leave us begin:

“NEAR the corner of Mission and Seventh Streets in San Francisco on a recent Sunday, a woman and her 30-something son sidestepped two scruffy men passed out against the side of a building. “This is where the restaurant is?” she asked skeptically, turning to her son, who was taking her to brunch at the recently opened AQ (1085 Mission; 415-341-9000;”


“AQ stands for ‘as quoted’”

Now I’m on the trolley – thanks for hepping me, writer Bonnie Tsui.

But, IRL, this current Mid Market resurgence dates back to the “sharply discounted office space” given to former Mayor Gavin Newsom, does it not? Actually, I think I read about it in the aforementioned New York Times.

Isn’t it ironic?

Dontcha think?

Ah, Market Street:

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Anyway, here are the others namechecked:

De la Paz Coffee Roaster (1081 Mission Street; 415-525-4344;

Cocktail Bill Boothby Center for the Beverage Arts (1161 Mission Street, Suite 120; 415-967-1891;

Huckleberry Bicycles (1073 Market Street; 415-484-6575;

All right, see you in the resurgent Mid-Market, when I’m not vacationing from San Francisco in the bleak Outer Sunset

Who Says the Outer Sunset Doesn’t Have Colour? A Bunch of Liars, That’s Who

Friday, April 15th, 2011


Or maybe this is the Middle Sunset. I’m a little hazy on the geography of points west of San Francisco.

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Come to the Foggy West Bay, Where the Suburbs meet Utopia

Harsh: The New York Times Calls the Outer Sunset “a Bleak Neighborhood” – But Photo Essay Proves the Outset “Revived”

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Here it is, a small, locally-sourced photo essay from photographer Lianne Milton at There it is in the TRAVEL section right next to A Weekend in Cambridge, England:

In San Francisco, a Bleak Neighborhood Is Revived” by Rachel Levin

(They could have said “once-bleak” I suppose. Anyway…)

Get all the deets at the Bay Area Observer.

And they have a woodshop out there too?

“The Outer Sunset: It’s Not Just Halfway, Grow, and Cat Houses Anymore!”

Hilarious: Yahoo Maps Calls the Outer Sunset the “Outset” and the Inner Sunset, Wait for It, the “Inset”

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Somebody at Yahoo! Local Maps must have a sense of humor ’cause they’re calling Inner Sunset the “Inset” and the Outer Sunset the “Outset.”


At the outset, I’ll tell you that this image is not inset:

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I don’t know, Inset is a pretty good thing to be called, I guess:

 “a place where something flows in

“Something” could be knowledge, or fog, stuff like that.

And Outset, that’s pretty good too:

 “a start; beginning

Like if you’re starting a cross-country journey, or moving into a halfway house, stuff like that.

So, good on you, Yahoo.

And they also have some other new / funny / inventive names in San Francisco proper, like North Panhandle and stuff, but there’s no East Panhandle (EaPA*) or South Panhandle (SoPA**). Yet.

(And what about InMond for the Inner Richmond and OuMond (OW-MOND) for the Outer Richmond? Maybe someday…)

Anyway, Inset and Outset: Learn It, Know It, Live It.

*I’ll cop to making this one up, but someday DMV Hollow Adjacent will get it’s own moniker.

** There are people who actually use this term. Srlsy.

The Outer Sunset is a ” San Francisco Secret?” Well, Just Look at the Signs – Brightening Up the Central Sunset, Officially

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

In the spirit of “I’M PULLING FOR SPRINGFIELD” come these signs in the Central Sunset on Irving Street. See?

Banners Welcome Shoppers. To help draw attention to the bustling commercial corridor on Irving Street, the Outer Sunset Merchant and Professional Association has hung colorful banners along major intersections on Irving, between 19th and 25th avenues. The banners, promoting the “San Francisco secret,” say “welcome” in English and Chinese.”

I’ll tell you, 27th Avenue is more outer than 19th, but the whole lot of these streets are in the Middle Sunset, AFAIAC:

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Now, which is the “biggest San Francisco secret” of the “Outer Sunset?” 

Is it the grow houses or the cat houses?

Or maybe it’s all those illegal in-law (or, more correctly, outlaw) housing units…?