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Fashion Update: How to Get $90 Lucky Brand Jeans at Costco for Just $17, Sort Of – The Miracle of “Urban Star”

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

All right, work with me here, people. Them stretchy 361 Vintage Straight jeans from Lucky Brand go for $90, right?

Or you can get them at the Lucky Outlet for like $60 or so. The outlet version has a different button but otherwise it’s the real deal.

Or you can get that very same outlet version at Costco #144 for like $36.

Now here’s the kicker. Costco also sells “Urban Star” jeans that are the same exact thing, pretty much, for just $16-something.

Look at the pockets – Lucky in the background, Urban Star in the foreground:

(Or you can get Urban Star from a reseller at Amazon for $25.)

So this means that the markup for Lucky is like 500%?

News to me.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that, just as Soylent Green is people, Urban Star is Lucky Jeans.

Isn’t It Ironic, PG&E’s Captive Union has the Gall to Use Fire Imagery to Fight Public Power? You Know, After San Bruno?

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Here’s the latest from the the union for our incompetent local power utility, straight outta Vacaville, wherever the Hell that is:

Click to expand

Is this an image from the charred remains of all those houses that the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers / PG&E burned down in San Mateo County not too long ago? It sure could be, why not?

Take a look.

Oh what’s that, PG&E, it took you a while to own up to being responsible for killing those eight people?

“The cause of the Sept. 9, 2010, accident has not been determined yet.”

What kind of denial is this, months and months after your killings?

You know, these people? ‘

James Franco, 53 and “Janessa, 13, and Jacqueline Greig, 44; Elizabeth Torres, 81; Jessica Morales, 20, as well three member of the Bullis family — Greg, 50, Will, 17, and Lavonne, 87 “

Here’s the thing, PG&E. Everybody has the right to opt out of PublicPowerSF. So that’s why it’s not going to “nearly double electric generation costs.”

Not everybody in Chinatown is an easily cowed, easily herded stencil voter, right? Consumers will make their own choice – you don’t think that they’re all stupid, do you?

And actually, San Francisco is kind of a hippy town, filled with yuppie-types who will not opt out of public power.

But, of course, if people don’t want to pay extra for juice, they won’t.

It’s as simple as that.

BTW, you all should prolly ID the white Republican lawyer you’re quoting in the ‘Xam here. Otherwise it makes things look like the entire Examiner is agin public power.

The flip side of the latest flyer:

In closing, fuck you PG&E.

Go to Hell.

Or flaming San Bruno, little difference.

Double Pwnage: NoPA NIMBY “Neighbors” Lose on a Divisadero Bank Branch and Ragazza Pizza’s Backyard

Friday, March 18th, 2011

You can deny the manifest pwnage all you want, but it’s not going to fool anyone.

Case closed yesterday, or near enough.

On to new endeavours, why not? Like that Federal Reserve Bank we have in the Financh – it’s a chain too! OMG! OMG!

Barking at the moon just a few blocks from the Popeye’s chick chick and host of other chain outlets. And when’s that new Target coming to replace the Mervyn’s that replaced that Sears? Oh well:

Click to expand

And Ragazza Pizzeria will be able to use its backyard, it was decided yesterday as well.

Who says the haterz, the griefers always win?

Bicycle Tire Suspended in Civic Center Tree Means Stolen Bikes Sold Here

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Everybody knows the connection between a pair of tennis shoes suspended on telephone wires overhead and drug sales by now, but what do you make of this mountain bike tire perched high above the Great Parking Lot of Civic Center (nee the 100 block of  Fulton) betwixt the Asian Art Museum and our Main Library?

My guess is that it means “stolen bikes and parts are sold here.” 

To support my theory I’ll add that, in actuality, stolen bikes and parts are sold here.

Buying a stolen bike for $20 on the Streets of San Francisco remains the cheapest way to replace the bike that just got stolen from you, in’nt?

I can’t recommend that course of action, but I do heartily endorse the Marin Bikes Outlet in SoMA and their policy of selling new bikes for $200-something. Check it out the next time your bike gets stolen.

Happy riding!

San Francisco’s Best Bike Store is the New Marin Bikes Outlet in the SoMA – Mega Turbo Awesome

Monday, December 28th, 2009

Now I heard from the Bluoz about Marin Bikes‘ new Factory Outlet in the South of Market Area, but I had to see it to believe it. Yes, the old Fregosi Paint store location at 1090 Folsom is now a huge bike shop.

Unfortunately, they don’t have any bikes going for $200 anymore but you’ll like the prices irregardless. The Yelpers seem to like this store, anyway.

They even have them expensive little folding bikes you can take on BART 24-7

Myself, I recently got me a mountain bike from the REI but you, if you wanted a cheap hybrid bike for $279, something akin to the one Mayor Gavin Newsom uses on Bike to Work Day (a Specialized Globe with his name on the top tube that went for $1000-something), well I don’t think an outfit like Valencia Cyclery could touch that kind of deal, specially considering all the money V.C. spends on advertising.

Just saying.

I’m betting the factory that produced a good portion of these bikes is way over in Red China (or the Other China), but oddly enough, Marin Bikes’ Factory Outlet is right here in San Francisco:

(The arrival of this new store more than makes up for losing our North Face Outlet to Berkeley.)

Get over to 7th and Folsom and tell them Billy sent you.

See you there.

The Purposefully Destroyed Timbuk2 Messenger Bags of the Lower Haight

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Look at just a part of the cache of TIMBUK2 messenger bags that were strewn about the sidewalks of the Lower Haight recently. Can you see how somebody took a blade and methodically rendered these bags useless – who would do that?

Are these factory seconds from the San Francisco Timbuk2 production line, like there was there a concern that inferior products could hurt the brand? Or maybe somebody didn’t want these items to getting returned to the store for refund or exchange?

Click to expand:

Now the people at the North Face Outlet, hooh boy, when they used to have sales in San Francisco’s SOMA back in the day, they used to bring it – just the tiniest flaw would justify a huge discount (and sometimes they’d have great deals on perfectly good, but unpopular, goods).

But how would The North Face people keep outlet purchasers from going to the full-price yuppie store in Union Square to get a full-price refund? Why, TNF would have a worker color in the iconic logo’s “O” with a Sharpie:


No refund for you! Some wear this blackened “O,” this scarlet ebony letter, as a badge of honor.

Anyway, It seems a shame about all those Timbuk2 bags. 

Poor little fellers.