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Has the Stow Lake Boat House Been Overcharging for Rentals the Past Couple Years?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Here’s something I couldn’t figure. People on Yelp talk about paying $19 and $24 per hour to rent row and paddle boats at Stow Lake, and yet I’ve been informed that the current charges are just $14 and $19, respectfully. (It’s not like the prices are posted all over the place or anything or on a website somewhere.)

Could it be that the prices are supposed to be $14 and $19 under the agreement with the City but yet people were actually being charged $19 and $24? Don’t know. It sure seems odd though, that the Yelpers would make a mistake on how much they paid for the service they’re Yelping about.

Take a look for yourself, if you’d like. It’s hard to determine what all’s going on, given the history.

One might think that how much to charge for services in Golden Gate Park would be specified by contract.

One might think…

Dennis Herrera Throws Down – Office Depot Audit Reveals Millions in Overcharges

Monday, December 21st, 2009

San Francisco’s recent audit of office materials supplier Office Depot has prompted City Attorney Dennis J. Herrera to take action today. See the deets below and the .pdf after the jump.

And follow all the action on the Twitter.

San Francisco’s Happy Warrior certainly is unhappy with the Office Depot today.

Herrera Issues Demand Letter to Office Depot in Wake of S.F. Controller’s Audit

City Attorney prepared to ‘vigorously pursue’ $5.75 million in overcharges plus interest, costs and attorney’s fees

City Attorney Dennis Herrera has issued a demand letter to Office Depot expressing his intention to “vigorously pursue” at least $5.75 million in overcharges together with interest, attorney’s fees, and costs incurred by the City in conducting the audit. The demand letter follows the release of an exhaustive audit report by the Office of City Controller Ben Rosenfield. The Controller’s 96-page audit concluded that, among other overcharges, the Boca Raton, Fla.-based office products supplier failed to provide the City with contractually mandated discounts for items covered by the 5-year contract, which was valued at some $18 million.

Wrote Herrera: “Any resolution of this matter must include compensation to the City for the costs of the audit, and for attorney’s fees, as well as full reimbursement for price overcharges, with interest…If the City is unable to obtain a satisfactory informal resolution of this matter, I will not hesitate to pursue the matter in court. Further, if court action becomes necessary, rest assured that my office will vigorously pursue the City’s claims to the fullest, including seeking civil penalties and debarment, if appropriate.”