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How the SFPD Can Tell You’re Sleeping in Your Car on the Streets of San Francisco

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

All right, let’s see here.

Hint #1 is the way your ride is sitting on its haunches like a dog, like you removed the engine and put it in the trunk. Like you and your bud have flopped down the back seats to turn your Subie into a rolling motel, right near Haight- Ashbury.

Hint #2 is the way your ride, unlike the others on the block, is all fogged up inside because you refuse to crack your windows a bit because you don’t want people coming into your car at night to get at you or your collection of contraband / stolen goods / lifestyle accessories what’s also tucked away in the back of your red Subie.

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Now the cops of the Haight might not mess with you or anything, you know, ’cause they have bigger fish to fry, but they knows what you’re up to.

They knows.

When Animals Attack: Brand New Wooden Parklet Already Struck By Taggers in the NoPA Western Addition Area

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

(I call the NoPA part of the Western Addition the NoPA Western Addition because I’m not a goddamned Realtor and/or rich, white, property-owning NoPNA NIMBY.)

Well, it takes a village to build a parklet or it takes three weeks or something, cause that’s about how long it seemed for this construction to get built onsite at Fulton near Divisadero, right in front of the Tsunami / sake shop / coffee shop mini-mall what’s on the corner.

You’d see dude out there working away – the intersection smelled like a forest for a while there.

Anyway, as you can see, the little monsters thought it would make a good billboard for their scribblings: 

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Oh well.

The Giant Topiary Bunny of the Golden Gate Park Panhandle Might Not Be a Bunny After All – The Reverse Angle from Fell

Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

What I thought was a giant topiary bunny in the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park might not be a bunny at all.

The reverse angle view is inconclusive – I can make out the bunny ears and cotton tail but I can’t explain the camel hump.

You Make The Call:

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OMG, Use a Visa Card at to get an $80 Credit at Tsunami Sushi in the NoPA for $20

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

[UPDATE: The official rating of this deal is now Beyond Excellent. More than a few buds have referred their buds and ended up with three $40 credits for just $20. (Our corporate overlords must have gone hog-wild.) Now, you’re too young to remember, but this is like the dotcom days of the late ’90s when you could get 50 pounds of dog food delivered to your house for like $8 ‘n stuff. Anywho, thank you India, thank you terror, etc…]

Word on the street is that August 5, 2010, is a gonna be a Visa Free Deal Day at Living So, that means you should be able to get two $40 credits at the Panhandle Tsunami Sushi Bar at 1306 Fulton for just a $20 charge on your Visa card.

Per my Huggy Bear

“You pay $20 with your Visa card (debit or credit) to get your $40 credit, and then receive another $40 credit free to give to a friend (or keep for yourself, it’s not at all required to send the second credit to someone else). So that’s an $80 credit for only $20.”

And then if you refer three friends then you can get another $40 credit. That’s the deal as I understand it.

Tsunami looks appetizing from this angle:

I’m failing to see any unexpected downsides* here, people. (Be sure to tell me if you have any probs with this brand of social shopping.)

See you there!

*“Limit 1 per table per visit • Gratuity not included (Be nice and tip on the pre-discounted total!) • Dine-in only (not valid for takeout or delivery) • Not valid on happy hour items • Call 415-567-7664 to make your reservation • Other conditions apply • Promotional value expires on 12/30/10″

There’s Nothing Like Warm Olde English 800 on a Cold Summer Day

Friday, July 9th, 2010

The urban campers of the Golden Gate Park Panhandle were cooking up some liquids a few days back:

Not sure why.

Can’t wait until Winter when things will warm up…

The Giant Topiary Bunnies of the Golden Gate Park Panhandle

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

This is the best angle to see the Big Bunny of Oak Street in the Upper Haight area – can you see the two ears sticking up?

Anyway, that’s my guess as to what RPD employees had in mind.


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Park and Rec Department Steps Up Campaign to Wetten Users of Panhandle Bike Path

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

The best part about the Park and Rec Department’s renewed campaign to punish users of the Panhandle bike path for no good reason is when cyclists get hit from all angles unexpectly.

T’pau! Right in the kisser!

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That will learn people not to ride their bikes on the bike path on those dreaded sunny days