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Death Throes of Partying Poleng Lounge – State College, PA Comes to NOPA

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Sleepy Fulton Street betwixt Masonic and Central has been looking like something like State College, PA, where college kids from the country’s number one party school hang out ’til all hours. It all has to do with the final days of the Poleng Lounge (located in the place that used to house Storyville).

Last night almost looked like SoMA:

Last night’s shindig:

“Let’s get together to celebrate the death and destruction of the things that we love, and cope in the best way possible: By getting trashed and making terrible life choices… like dancing topless, and sleeping with 18-year-old filipino chicks from Daly City.

There will be $5 Jungle Juice that is like 3 drinks shrunk down to one drink that tastes like skittles. There will be $3 drafts. There will be lots and lots of whiskey.

THIS EVENT IS 18+!!! Bring your little sister, that hair-scene kid you made out with once at Blow Up, the skater kids you see at Delirium and house parties, and ONLY at Delirium and house parties”

Party on, Poleng Lounge.