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Well-Trained Blue Jay, Golden Gate Park: Will Pose for Photos for Peanuts – Just Hold One Hand High in the Air

Friday, July 14th, 2017

As seen in the former Strybing Free Garden (which got replaced by the non-Strybing, non-free garden) in Golden Gate Park, back when it was still called Strybing Arboretum

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You’d hold up a peanut and then this Western Scrub Jay would fly over, grab the nuts, and then hang out on your hand for a few seconds, enough time for your friend to take a shot. What a lightweight animal, thought I.

(Or maybe it’s people what are the well-trained ones…)

Snoopy’s Doghouse Mini Library, Fulton Street – But, “You Know What Else is a Free Library? A Regular Library”

Monday, June 5th, 2017

I myself have no beef with Tiny Lie Berries, but some do.

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Anyway, this is a standout in our normally foggy Richmond District…

A San Francisco YOLO Bird – You Only Live Once, So Steal As Many Peanuts As You Can – A Stellar Jay

Monday, December 15th, 2014

This Steller’s Jay didn’t have time to eat the peanut in its beak, but it did have time to grab two more.

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The Well-Trained Western Scrub Jays of Golden Gate Park

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

This Western Scrub Jay┬áis just like all the others at San Francisco Botanical Garden (aka Strybing Arboretum) – it loves to sit in a tree about ten feet off the ground waiting for you to hold up a peanut above your head. Then the jay will fly over, grab the nut out of your hand, and then either eat it or bury it like the larder hoarder that it is.

This one decided to hang on a tourist’s hand for a bit before flying off. You might get an infection if your finger gets scratched by a talon but you probably won’t get West Nile Virus, so that’s a good thing:

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