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Why is San Francisco the Tree Fallingest County in America? Why Won’t We Take Care of the Trees We Plant?

Monday, March 9th, 2015

Here’s how it starts:

Beautiful Sunday planting trees in Bayview. Thank you Friends of the Urban Forest!

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And here’s what happens later on:

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If You Want to Walk Across the Bay Bridge on September 1st FOR FREE, Then You’ll Need to Sign Up Now

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

‘Cause by the time you hear about this opportunity from the MSM or a blog, it’ll be too late.

Now some people wanted to charge you for the chance to walk the bridge, but they ended up deciding to just require registration with no payment required.

C’mon, this thing is only two decades-plus late.

All the deets:

“We are excited to announce that registration for the Bay Bridge Walk will be FREE! Our next email will include more details on each event and registration dates.

Registration is required for all on-bridge activities and there will be limited capacity so sign up early!

Please tell your friends and family who wish to participate to visit and sign up for e-mail updates. You will be the first to hear when registration is open.

More details on the Bay Bridge Bike, Run & Walk coming soon!

-The Bay Bridge Celebration Team”

There’ll be plenty of space to roam:

See you there!

This is the White 2009 Hyundai Elantra Involved in This Morning’s Fatal Collision on Masonic near Turk

Friday, May 6th, 2011

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Henry K. Lee has the early details and Terry McSweeny of KGO-TV has a video report.

This is the lane that goes through St. Mary’s between Stanyan and Shrader:

Click to expand

The owner of the white Hyundai (CA 6HOT660) resides in the Chinatown / Nob Hill area, one might assume.

And here’s one of the cars that driver Jose Jimenez hit on Clayton near Fell Street when he was traveling from the hit and run scene to St. Mary’s. This two-ton minivan was pushed a foot or two so the impact speed must have been fairly high:

The New Bicycle and Pedestrian Path on the Bay Bridge Looks Awesome

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Of course it’s only been two decades since the Loma Prieta earthquake damaged the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge, so it’s only natural that we’re still working on it. Let’s check out progress on California’s Bridge to Nowhere So Far.

That’s Treasure Island you can see ‘neath the Bay Bridge’s northern cable, and there’s Azkaban in the background. Click to expand:

But guess what – a “15.5-foot-wide bicycle and pedestrian path will run along the eastbound deck of the 2-mile long structure.”

Can you see the white bicycle and pedestrian path there on the near side of the new eastern span?  They even have balconies. Check it: 

Man, that’s going to be awesome. What’s the speed limit going to be for those going downhill?

Try to imagine it filled up with cars though, as that’s how it’s going to be, 24-7. Think back to the old days when traffic was so light you could pull over and conversate, at least that’s the way it was according to this segment of Shadow of the Thin Man from 1941 (at about minute 8:30 or so). (And all the trains were underneath on the lower deck, but that’s another story.)

(One time, I managed to change a tire (illegally?) on the upper deck of the suspension span, but that’s another story. A scary story)

But hey, what about a bike path on the western span? Well, that’s still pie in the sky these days. Maybe in a couple MORE decades… 

Required reading:

San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span Seismic Safety Project : pedestrian & bicycle study.
/ California. Department of Transportation. Oakland, CA : Caltrans, 1998.
TG25 .S33,C275 1998 no.10
Feasibility report : San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge West Span : bicycle / pedestrian / maintenance path planning and feasibility study
/ prepared by CH2M Hill in association with SC Solutions. Oakland, CA : Caltrans, 2001.
TG25 .S335 C27 2001r Oversize New Book Shelf.

And There You Have It.

See you there!

Why Doesn’t the Richmond’s Killer Geary Boulevard Have More Traffic Lights?

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

See this pedestrian in red in the middle of Geary Boulevard in the Richmond District? She just came halfway across from the left and it sure looks like she’s fixing to make it the rest of the way on 22nd Avenue to the southern side of the street.

Let’s say you’re the driver, perhaps in a first person shooter video game or whatever, what do you do here? SFPD Richmond Station Captain Richard Corriea has his troops fired up about traffic safety, so this could be another sting operation using an undercover babushka lady or pink bag mafiosa as bait. Therefore, you gots to yield to let her across. But what happens then?

Click to expand, it’s fun to play along:

What happens then is that inbound traffic in the slow lane (seen on the right) doesn’t stop. Zing, zing, zing they go past. Unseen is the Steven Fowler-type behind you in a BMW (it’s always a BMW, which model does Fowler probably have by the way, M5, M3, X5? something like that) laying on his horn because you, the idiot driver ahead of him, doesn’t know how to drive.

Should you go forward as well? That’s a failure to yield moving violation right there, but by waiting for her are you encouraging her to do something dangerous, like crossing the damn street in the Richmond, the biggest danger, by far, in her life?

On it goes for half a minute, the pedestrian waits for the three-series  behind you to catapult launch around you up the slow lane and then the ped makes it across.

This is insanity. Shouldn’t this be an electronically-controlled intersection with traffic lights instead of just a couple of stop signs for cross traffic? Why aren’t there traffic lights and countdown pedestrain signals for the whole of Geary Boulevard in the Richmond all the way up to Avenue 30 or 40 or something?

Money? We can’t afford it? Geary Boulevard is too wide and too busy for this kind of half-assed, a couple of stop signs are good enough, we’ll repaint those crosswalk lines when we feel like it attitude.

Who will be the next to die?