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The Presidio: Public Comment Period for the Main Post Update Ends June 1st

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

The Presidio Trust has just announced a last call for comments about ending the arrested decay of the Presidio Main Post – so finish up your drinks and get your comments in by June 1, 2009.


June 1, 2009 is the end of public comment period for several key documents related to the Main Post planning process. Three draft documents have been circulating for public comment since February 27, 2009:

1. Revised Draft Main Post Update
2. Draft Supplement to the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the Preferred Alternative
3. Revised Draft Finding of Effect

The Revised Draft Main Post Update reflects the land uses and improvements the Presidio Trust intends to pursue to re-establish the Main Post as the heart of the park. Through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, the Trust identified a “preferred alternative” that is detailed in the Revised Update and analyzed in the Draft Supplement to the SEIS. The Revised Update is also analyzed as the “undertaking” in the Revised Draft Finding of Effect; prepared under the provisions of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) as part of the assessment phase of the Section 106 consultation.

In June 2008, the Trust released an earlier draft of the Main Post Update and a Draft SEIS which analyzed a range of alternatives. An earlier Draft Finding of Effect was released in August 2008, which analyzed the effects on historic resources of all the alternatives that were presented in the Draft SEIS. All documents can be found on the Trust’s website:

Comments will be accepted on all documents, both current and past drafts. Commentators are free to organize their comments in any way they choose. They may comment separately on the different documents, or address all documents at one time. Commentators are also welcome to address specific issues or comment on specific proposals. The Trust will consider and respond to comments on all of the drafts when developing the final documents.


NHPA Section 106 Consultation: Finalizing the Finding of Effect and Resolving Adverse Effects
A Final Finding of Effect will be issued early this summer, formally completing the assessment phase of the Section 106 consultation under the NHPA. The Historic Resources section of the Final SEIS will be consistent with the Final Finding of Effect. The Final Finding of Effect will be available on the Trust’s website and will be sent to all consulting parties.

The next phase of the Section 106 consultation process is the resolution phase during which consulting parties identify ways to avoid, minimize, or mitigate the effects presented in the Finding of Effect. The resolution phase results in an agreement document that establishes parameters for how projects can proceed. A schedule for the remainder of the Section 106 consultation will be issued to all consulting parties early in June.

NEPA: Finalizing the SEIS and Main Post Update
Over the course of the summer, the Trust will finalize the environmental review, issuing a Final SEIS and Final Main Post Update sometime in the fall. The Final SEIS includes a response to all comments. A notice of availablity will be issued once the final documents are released. The final documents will also be available on the Trust’s website. After the final environmental documents are issued, a 30-day no action period ensues.

Record of Decision
The Trust will issue a Record of Decision (ROD) only after both the NEPA and NHPA processes are completed. The ROD memorializes the decision made by the Presidio Trust Board of Directors and clearly articulates the actions that the Trust will pursue in the Main Post and the reasoning behind the Trust’s decision. Once the ROD is adopted, the Final Main Post Update will amend the Presidio Trust Management Plan for the Main Post District.

An Unexpectedly Large Turnout for San Francisco’s Anti-tax Tea Party

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

A large crowd appeared in the Civic Center area today to take part in San Francisco‘s 2009 Tea Party Protest. People gathered in front of City Hall and then took it over to the old Federal Building. Denizens of S.F. mostly just ignored this event – the vast majority of these folks live in the Bay Area but not actually in San Francisco.

A few “they terk our jerbs“-types were about, but not too many. And a few Men in Black (and/or dark grey) tried to crash the party, so it seems. Andy Wright offers her thoughts here.

The crowd as it looked early on. I’m estimating 500, all told (“more than 400″ per Amanda Vergel de Dios over at SFSU’s Golden Gate Xpress, and “maybe 500” from Carla Marinucci at the San Francisco Chronicle. Bingo! That’s some good estimating right there.):

“$$ Golden Gate Objectivists $$” promoting O.K. fine.

The ThunderPower Thun-350 megaphone was not up to the task today. Many could not hear the speakers.

In front of Nancy Pelosi’s office:

The Old Fed Building:

United States of France:

“Illegal Alien (sic) Cost Taxpayers Trillions.” Don’t tread on me:

Obamanomics: Chains we can believe in:


A ringleader, leading the parade like the Pied Piper:

Not a fan of Goldman Sachs:

Scikle and hammer:

A Cal alum against pork:

Tri-pointed and raccoon hats were the order of the day:

Teabags everywhere.

Luckily, a “REPORTER” was there. The other side of the paper hat ring had the word “MEDIA”

To Be Continued?

Anti-Tax Mad Tea Party Coming to San Francisco’s Civic Center

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Well, the 2009 Mad Tea Party Protests are a coming to San Francisco tomorrow at 11:00 AM. Grab your hatter and get over to Civic Center (or the Old Federal Building at Golden Gate and Polk) and get your protest on.

Artist’s conception of what the protest will look like:

via Express Monorail

See you there!

WHERE AND WHEN Civic Center (Plaza) Park.
Corner of McAllister and Polk.
From there, we walk to 450 Golden Gate (one block) to Pelosi’s office.
11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m.
Come for the entire time or part of it; we will be in either of the two locations.

–cheer and chant a lot!
–sign the Grievance Scroll (a draft of which is attached)
–register so that I have your name and email for next time (there will be a next time)

Howard Epstein (Chair of SF-GOP) will introduce Dana Walsh and Melanie Morgan will also be speaking.

More Revealing Photos of the Presidio’s Proposed CAMP Museum

Friday, March 6th, 2009

Well, here it is – the proposed Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio (CAMP). Can you see it all covered in grass here?

Click to expand:

That’s the kind of thing you’ll see these days at the Main Post Information Center:

Want to learn more about the proposed vision for the Main Post and about the planning process? Illustrations and other information about proposed projects will be displayed at the Main Post Information Center. Presidio Trust staff will be on hand to answer questions, and comment cards will be available.

Building 105 Montgomery Street
March 6 through April 18
Fridays and Saturdays — 10 am to Noon (drop in)

If you have questions, please call the Presidio Trust Public Affairs Office at (415) 561-5418.

This is what you’ll find at Building 105 during visitors hours:

Building 101 (the southernmost Montgomery Street Barrack) on the left, the larger Gallery Building all covered in grass in the middle, and the “back of house” Facilities Building on the right (large square).

A different view of the 3D model. CAMP on the right and the three-screen theatre on the left:

Comparing the heights of the existing buildings with the CAMP proposal:

We’re done with the model – here’s another watercolour. The cantilevered CAMP roof shown: 

Key Projects:

And the final watercolor – dolled-up visitors (a tad overdressed in the early morning sun, non?) looking north towards the Future:

There must be more-detailed depictions somewhere out there in the world, but they haven’t found their way online yet.


Just Released: Revised Plans for the Presidio Main Post – Museum, Theatre, Lodge

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

Well here it’s here – the revised plans, posted tonight – February 26th, 2009, for the Main Post area of San Franciso’s Presidio. Of course, things got a bit heated last year, but it looks like Progress is back on track. So now, you are more than welcome to check out the Summary Brochure or the whole magilla that is the Revised Draft Main Post Update to the Presidio Trust Management Plan. Bone up on these docs and then plan to attend a few meetings:

Public Meeting Wednesday, April 1 (no fooling), 8:30AM[!] to 10:00AM Golden Gate Club, 135 Fisher Loop

Presidio Trust Public Board of Directors Meeting Tuesday, April 7, 6:30PM to ???? Presidio Officers’ Club, 50 Moraga Avenue

Public Meeting Thursday, April 16, 6:00PM to 7:30PM Golden Gate Club, 135 Fisher Loop

Of course, the Presido is a special place, home to Aloha Festivals, aggressive policing, active volunteers, misinformed Fox shock jocks wandering around at night, living history, first class bike lanes, and colorful, noisy, loving, wild parrots, so you might be interested. See you there at the (endless) meetings!

This is the plan, below (as opposed to the old plan pictured here). The answer to those, such as Andy J. Wang of Curbed SF, who question whether the “white box” will live: No. About which more anon. Note the expansion of the currently abandoned Presdio Theatre (aka Main Post Theatre, aka “massive multiplex” aka The Rat House) in the upper left and also the Lodge (aka “massive hotel”) near the middle. (Also note the new Walt Disney Family Museum (aka The Mouse House, aka Building 104) – on the upper right – see the lighter colored terrace of one of the barracks? Don’t worry about it though – it’s a done deal, opening soon.)


As always, click to expand

Some more detail. The revised proposal for the Contemporary Art Museum of the Presidio (CAMP) is set for a lower height than last year’s proposal and, in fact, a lower height than the building it will replace – the doomed Presidio Bowling Center. Note the green roof of the art museum – that’s new as well.

Speaking of doomed, this 700-car parking lot is similarly not long for this world. What’s that – you like to drive in from Marin, park here and then go about your business every day? Sure you do, but you’ll just have to make do. See the white outlines in the lower picture? That shows the maximum size of the Lodge on the left and CAMP in the middle. Unless the new architects are more Gluckman than Gluckman (he’s a minimalist, you know), the revised CAMP proposal will be a bit more complex than the lower, smaller, quasi-underground rectangular box shown. We won’t know the details until the San Francisco Chronicle’s John King is good and ready to let us in the secret, per Luke Thomas of Fog City Journal (NB to FCJ commenter HB: The billion dollars plus worth of art in question is currently not “properly mounted” and can not “easily be accessed by the public.”)

Are you still reading? Wow. All right, here’s your Supplement to the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (February 2009). Click away:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Appendix A – Transportation
  • More deets after the jump.


    The Presidio’s Old Public Service Health Hospital to be Revived as Apartments

    Monday, December 8th, 2008

    Despite our crippled credit market, all systems are go in the Presidio as Building 1801, aka the Public Service Health Hospital, is now being transformed from an abandoned hulk into 154 apartments

    Two ugly, tacked on wings having “no historical value” are coming down right now, so it seems grafitti artists will have to find a new Yelp-rated place to play. Read all about it, and don’t forget to check out the comments from some of the more radical NIMBYS.

    The future is now – adaptive reuse is coming to Building 1801 courtesy of ForestCity, which is going for Gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) status on this project. Click to expand:

    Dan Bernal, District Director for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom with Presidio Trust Executive Director Craig Middleton and Holly Middleton:

    HERE BE DRAGONS – in this case it’s just a Caterpillar with MP-30 Primary Pulverizer Jaws. Hic sunt dracones:

    Follow the progress of demolition here.

    There’s tons of stuff going on at the Presidio these days. Check the calendar from the Presidio Trust here.

    Excelsior! Ever Upward!

    Nancy Pelosi Workshop Helps Turn Your Green Card into Citizenship

    Thursday, September 18th, 2008

    Just like last year, and the year before, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is sponsoring a United States Citizen Workshop to help those who have green cards become U.S. Citizens.

    So, if you’ve had your green card for a few years and want to become a citizen, you should RSVP at (888) 841-8801, gather up your materials, and then go to UC Hastings College of Law at 198 McAllister this Saturday, September 20th, 2008. When you call Nancy’s office, they will tell you about the documents you need to bring in so they can help you get all set to submit the tricky N-400 form to the government. 

    There’ll be experts on hand this Saturday, like attorney Joren Lyons of the Asian Law Caucus, who can answer questions and put you on the right path to citizenship.

    See you there!

    On Saturday, September 20, 2008, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will host a citizenship workshop in San Francisco to provide free assistance to residents who are eligible to become American citizens.   
    For most immigrants, becoming a United States’ citizen is the culmination of many years of hard work.  Yet many permanent residents who are eligible to apply for citizenship fail to do so because they do not know they are eligible, do not know where to begin the process, or cannot afford to hire someone to assist them with the complicated form.
    Speaker Pelosi’s Citizenship Workshop will take place on Saturday, September 20 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at UC Hastings, 198 McAllister Street, in San Francisco.

    Golden Gate National Recreation Area Soon to be called Golden Gate National Parks.

    Sunday, July 27th, 2008

    To the chagrin of some, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area soon will soon be called the Golden Gate National Parks.

    This young buck, who calls the area around Rodeo Beach home, is licking his chops in anticipation of living in a full-fledged National Park:


    Just take MUNI bus #76, MARIN HEADLANDS over to Rodeo Beach on a Sunday sometime to see a good part of the GGNRA.

    Presidio Trust Public Board of Directors Meeting a Huge Success

    Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

    The Presidio Trust wanted a big turnout, and that’s what they got. How many folks showed up last night at the Presidio Trust Public Board of Directors meeting? More than 500 and less than 1000. Read a vivid account here.


    These poor souls had to wait about 45 minutes before being admitted, but nobody was “turned away,” as has been alleged. Across the street you can see the “First Amendment Area” at Moraga and Monkey. That’s the nicest time, place, manner free speech area this lawyer has ever seen.


    The news of the evening is that public comment period will be extended to September, so expect another big meeting like this one. A transcript will be available soon, so let’s wait on that before getting into this too much.

    Is there a NIMBY backlash developing among area youth?

    The Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsom, was booed by a good chunk of the mob after he voiced support for the CAMP museum as well as the entire Presidio Trust proposal. Only in San Francisco….


    In the words of world-famous architect Richard Gluckman, “Working in San Francisco is not like anywhere else.”

    Here’s what Angelo King of the Bayview Hunter’s Point Project Area Committee has to say, and here’s the official case made for the museum:

  • Over one thousand works of art from every facet of modern art – from sculptures and video installations to paintings and prints.
  • Greening of the Main Post Parade ground that is now a parking lot into a magnificent public park.
  • Rehabilitating existing historic buildings
  • Hands-on artists, ceramic and photography studios
  • C.A.M.P. is privately funded and will be a gift to the people of San Francisco
  • To be continued…

    Presidio Trust Public Board of Directors Meeting Tonight at 6:30 PM. It’s on!

    Monday, July 14th, 2008

    Well it seems like it takes forever to get anything done in this town, but we’ll be passing another milestone tonight. In the words of well-informed Marisa Lagos:

    Controversy over a series of proposed developments in the Presidio’s Main Post- most notably Gap founder Don Fisher’s 100,000-square-foot modern art museum – is heating up in advance of a meeting Monday.”

    Make sure you get to the correct location

    Presidio Herbst International Exhibition Hall, 385 Moraga Avenue (next to the Presidio Officers’ Club on the Main Post). The public is invited to offer comments on the draft Presidio Trust Management Plan Main Post Update Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (read more). If you have questions, please call the Presidio Trust Public Affairs Office at (415) 561-5418. View the board meeting agenda.”

    There seems to be a lot of interest in these developments:


    This is what the start of the Main Post Walking Tour looks like. Feel free to check out this guided tour before tonight’s board meeting:

    “Monday, July 14, 4:30 to 6 pm. Meet Outside the Presidio Officers’ Club, 50 Moraga Avenue. On this easy-to-moderate 90-minute guided walk, Presidio Trust staff will discuss ideas for revitalizing the Main Post as the heart of an urban national park. Get answers to your questions and find out how you can make your opinions heard in this public process.”

    But what about you? Where can you protest?

    “A ‘First Amendment’ Area has been established on the lawn at the northwest corner of the intersection of Montgomery Street and Moraga Avenue, set back five feet from any sidewalk.”

    (Yes, it’s odd that the San Francsico index of streetnames has two Moragas and two Montgomerys.)

    Conveniently, this location is right next to the board meeting, the site of our new Richard Gluckman-designed CAMP museum, and the defunct movie theatre that’s scheduled to be reopened one of these days.  

    But the whole idea is to get inside and participate in the process, so why not? You’ll be able to see how many NIMBYs will turn out – you know, San Francisco has more than its fair share of NIMBYs. They’ll identify themselves by telling you how many years they’ve lived in such and such neighborhood.

    Then they’ll proceed with their favorite rhetorical trope, the metaphor. Which metaphor will prove most popular?

    A. Monster. Includes “giant” and other words connoting size.

    B. Alien. Includes any reference to otherworldliness.

    C. Disease. Includes anything cancer-related, such as “spread” or “metastasize.” (This one is a long-shot)

    D. Any other metaphor.

    And while we’re on the topic, the drinking game watchwords tonight will be separated into two categories, adjective and adverb. Hoist a drink upon hearing any mention of the word inappropriate. That game is for professional drinkers only, so as an alternative, take a drink of your favorite intoxicant when you hear either completely or totally in the same sentence as the aforementioned inappropriate.

    So there you have it. See you there!