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Google Employees Press 14 Buttons to Operate Their Toilets

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

Of course, employees at the California offices of Google don’t necessarily have to have to press all 14 buttons during each visit to the loo, but then they wouldn’t be getting the full benefit of this fancy toilet, made by Toto. (No, not the Toto that stole a song from the Beatle(s) until Jake Shimabukuro stole it back, this Toto, from Japan).

It’s the Jasmin Washlet E200. Awesome! It has a 52-page instruction manual, so read all about it. Or just buy one of your own.

Now if you’re at work, think twice before checking out Toto’s out-of-this-world, infomercial-laden Clean is Happy website, because the partial nudity makes it marginally NSFW. (But actually, I was bold enough forward the link to my grandmother). Keep clicking, as it gets better and better.


This view here explains it all:

If you’re a Googler, you should demand an immediate upgrade to the latest model, the S400. If you’re not a Googler, then click on to see all the command module buttons up close. That way, you’ll be prepared during your visit, if you ever get so lucky. See you after the jump.   (more…)