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If You’re Not Monitoring a Half-Dozen Cell Phones Mounted on the Dash of Your Car, Why Bother Driving?

Friday, July 8th, 2016

As seen on Battery, which is basically an on-ramp for the I-80:

7J7C8466 copy


Hard at Work or Hardly Working? – On Patrol in Golden Gate Park, Sort Of – Look At Our Toys!

Monday, July 27th, 2015

As seen on JFK Drive:

7J7C1536 copy

Most outfits, including the SFPD, would use dirt bikes for this mission, just saying…

The Great Twitterloin Four-Way Telephone Exchange is History – WiFi Replaced It – Oh, Wait a Second…

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

WiFi has not replaced these pay phones, not yet anyway.

Hey, remember that State of the City address from that former Mayor / Willie Brown appointee, you know, the one who promised free WiFi for the entire 415?

I do. It was like six years ago. (Hey, how’s that working out? Not well, last time I checked.)

Anywho, we now have a new Mayor / Willie Brown appointee, you know, the one who promised that Twitter would pay for Twitterloin-area WiFi, you know, instead of paying its fair share of taxes.

(Hey, how’s that working out? Nothing so far.)

Anywho, in anticipation, out go the famous pay phones at the corner of 6th and Market:

Click to expand

Nowadays if you want to make a phone call and you don’t have a cellie, you’ll have to buy a stolen iPhone the next block over.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get fee citywide WiFi from the next Mayor / Willie Brown appointee, perhaps around 2020.

On it goes…

Belief in Ridiculous Handheld Cell Phone Law is California’s State Religion

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Oh how they’re mocking us in New York. Why? It’s ’cause of our stupid cell phone law (California Vehicle Code Section 23123), the one that’s not based on scientific study, the one that says there’s a great deal of difference between handsfree cell phone calls and regular old cell phone calls when driving. Are there powerful forces conspiring to prevent an outright ban on cell phone use for drivers? Yes.

Is the National Highway Safety Administration afraid to raise the issue of how it doesn’t matter if you use hands-free technology? Yes, pretty much.

You’re cold busted, legendary film producer Irwin Allen. After seeing this, my first impulse was to run up on you and do a Rambo, but then I realized that even if you had hands-free technology back in 1973, using it wouldn’t have made a difference anyway:

phone copy

(Yes, this is a Rolls Royce. Thanks for asking!)

Would Maria Shriver be safer with a hands-free connection when she yaks away behind the wheel? No.

Oh well.