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The Green Bicycle Box on Scott Near Oak Appears to be Working as Designed – It’s Getting Used, Anyway

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Our Scott Street Bike Box appears to be working as desgined.

So much so, that there’s not enough room for all the cyclists, at times.

The thing remains invisible to drivers at night, but that doesn’t appear to have caused any issues, AFAIK.

Click to expand

The SFPD apparently had a short-term enforcement action against cyclists cheating on the left turn most of them make a block later at Fell, but I haven’t heard about anything like that lately.

San Francisco’s Scott Street Goes Green – Is This California’s First Green Bike Box?

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Here’s the scene on freshly-paved Scott Street this afternoon. The greening of the “bike box” red light waiting area on Scott Street near Oak at the terminus of the famous Wiggle Bike Route has begun. At long last, it has begun.

For now, anyway. The partial lifting of the Bicycle Plan injunction isn’t a 100% thing, but the City is moving ahead anyway.

Supervisors Bevan Dufty and Ross Mirkarimi, MTA chief Nat Ford, and Mayor Gavin Newsom all got in on the fun. Click to expand:

IMG_0907 copy

As Our Mayor’s extended paint roller got closer to the throng of reporters Supervisor Dufty was all, “Watch out media, Gavin’s coming your way!” And here’s the reaction – a that’s-right-laugh-it-up-funnyboy smirk and then a quick departure:

IMG_0920 copy

Gavin’s ill humor wasn’t helped later on when Emmy Award-winning CBS5 political editor Hank Plante started asking about Geo Fanelli wanting his recent $500 donation back. Akit‘s suggestion about suing in small claims court is interesting, non? I mean, you can’t give everybody their money back, right? (After your campaign buys a copy of PhotoShop, you don’t get much change back from a $500 banknote.) However, Geo has a pretty sympathetic case to make. Mmmm.

Anyway, in all the excitement, Bevan started painted bike helmets green, making mementos to allow us to remember this Special Day. (Bro was on today with all his Ammiano-like bons mots.)


San Francisco Bicycle Coalition leader Leah Shahum and Nat Ford were all smiles today:

IMG_0865 copy

Supervisor Mirkarimi looked dashing on his Trek Ride+ electric-assist bike. It’s just like Board President David Chiu’s. Said one wag, “Ross, you have the right equipment.” The loud reply, from someone famous: “That’s what she said!”

IMG_0821 copy

All in all, it was quite a celebration.


But this isn’t all for today. San Francisco’s first protected bike lane is now on Market Street, as of this AM.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Celebrates New Bike Lanes – A Panhandle Victory Lap

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Well, we’re still waiting for the green paint to go down, but we got plenty of white paint on San Francisco city streets yesterday. It all has to do with the partial lifting of the Bicycle Plan injunction.

Anyway, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (ask them about Winterfest on December 6th) had an after-party near Duboce Park last night, and when they finished up, some of them decided to test out the new bike lanes in a racous after-hours ride.

As here, on Scott Street. See the new Wiggle Bike Route icon? That’s fresh paint. Click to expand:


Here’s Leah Shahum and Andy Thornley in the vanguard:


And here’s the caboose – a seven-person bike piloted by Director Dan Nguyen-Tan


On Scott crossing Oak:


And onto the dark Panhandle Bike Path for a Victory Lap around the park:


Mayor Gavin “Photo Op” Newsom Postpones the Greening of Scott Street

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Read here to see the way it was supposed to be this AM at the Scott Street part of The Wiggle bike path. See? We were all set for green paint on our streets. (And it’s about time, after all that beige.)

But Our Mayor couldn’t make it, so the Greening of Scott Street will get pushed back a bit, a few days, anyway. But you’ll know when the greening occurs – you’ll see a photo somewhere of Gavin physically painting the “bike box” green or mixing blue and yellow paint together, something like that.

The scene this morning in the East of Panhandle Area (EaPA). All dressed up, but nowhere to green. Click to expand:


Oh well.

And the members of the MSM who showed up to see one of the first manifestations of the partial lifting of the bicycle plan injunction? Well they wasted their time, as at least a few of them appeared to be unaware of the details of the postponement.

The Alamo Square Neighborhood Association and Bike NOPA were there, anyway.


Oh well.