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OMG, Yet Another Cartoon Neighborhood Map of San Francisco from 7×7 Mag for You to Fret Over!

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

[UPDATE: Spots Unknown adds in $.02 right here.]

I’ll tell you why I get 7×7 magazine delivered to  my hovel – it’s cause the price is right, baby. (In fact you can’t possibly underestimate the amount they got from me for a subscription.)

Anywho, if I knewed what all the words meant in Phrenological San Francisco (September 2000, Page 36) maybe I’d get all offended the way people did with this bit from Wendy MacNaughton, the one on the cover a few months back. (Now, did you find Wendy’s map straight-up racist or “stuck up, provincial, self-centered, and willfully clueless?” Moving on…)

I tried but I couldn’t find the credit for this new map. It’s an illustration from Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas by Rebecca Solnit.

Check it – click and it’ll get big big:

Note that the Tenderloin gets tagged with “secretiveness.” (It’s hard to read even in the original.)

And oh, does alimentiveness have something to do with fog?

And oh, constructiveness is the label for Bayview Hunters Point.

Oh well. Enjoy.