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The Best San Francisco NIMBYs I’ve Ever Seen – Picking Up Garbage Near Twin Peaks in the Rain for No Pay

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

This couple might not necessarily be NIMBYs, but they had that look about them. You know, wealthy, white, weathered, high probability of real estate ownership, and they were, quite literally, West of Twin Peaks, that kind of deal.

But, you know, as I passed them by I didn’t hear them yammering or complaining or saying how great they are or fighting other NIMBY groups or anything like that.

They were just spending the morning of New Years’ Day 2011 methodically picking up garbage on both sides of Twin Peaks Boulevard.

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In no way, shape, or form will this selfless effort increase the value of their landholdings.

And there was nobody there to take photos for later use in a newsletter or on the internet to show how great and awesome their NIMBY group is.

I’m baffled.

Either they are the best NIMBYs we have, or they aren’t NIMBYs at all. Or maybe it was just a dream

It’s a mystery.