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Chuckle: The Two for One “Luxury Pillow” Sale at Pricey MCROSKEY MATTRESS – Yeah, It’s Faux Down, But It’s “Luxury”

Monday, August 28th, 2017

Here it is:

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And here it is:


They also sell real down.

Anyway, I’m surprised to see that this outfit is still open these days.

All right, let’s hear from the haters

The Great 2011 Justin Herman Plaza Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight a Huge Success Despite a Little Rain

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011


Now you’d think that this kind of thing wouldn’t last all that long, but no, it just goes on and on. Whack whack whack.

Steve Rhodes has all the deets.

Via Steve Rhodes

See you next year!

The Best Photos and Videos from the Great 2010 Valentines Day Pillow Fight

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Can you make sense of this scene at San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza near the Embarcadero Ferry Building? (Perhaps a black-and-white, slo-mo Raging Bull-style video or this official 1080p will help.)

Click to expand:

via christopher*

It was the Yelp-rated Great Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight of February 14th, 2010! This joint went down yesterday despite a threatened crackdown from San Francisco’s Park Rangers and an ominous warning from San Francisco Director of Public Health Mitchell Katz – he fretted about the risk of corneal abrasions, penetrating injuries, and even orbital fractures.” Captain Bringdown, M.D. documented 17 injuries from last year that were serious enough to require medical attention at emergency rooms. Hope 2010 was safer.


Let’s take a look from the beginning. Just hop on the BART…


…don a disuise to protect your identity…


…or your corneas…


…allow our gorgeous (red hair, blue feathers) media types (SF Stationwhat’s that?) time enough to give the command to roll cameras…


…and leave us commence:


A chicken fight with goose feathers – is that allowed?


Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!


Some took a defensive posture…


…while others went mano a mano, no holds barred:


Verily, it was the Great Valentine’s Day Pillow Fight of 2010:


See you next year!

[Update: Mission Local has some good shots as well.]

Impressions, Sunset – The Combatants of the Great Valentine’s Pillow Fight, 2009

Monday, February 16th, 2009

You’ve already seen the Conscientious Objectors in the Great Pillow Fight War of Valentine’s Day, 2009. Now you can see what it looked like up close on the field of battle.

Click to expand:

via john curley – 35mm at f/1.4 That’s the kind of photo you can take with equipment that originally cost something like $5000 American.

There hasn’t been that much stuff flying around San Francisco’s Ferry Building since Barry Bonds Day, 2007

Anyway, here are the deets on our most recent twilight pillow battle.

See you next year!

Conscientious Objectors in the Great Pillow Fight War of Valentine’s Day, 2009

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

This young couple and their pillow would appear to be well-equipped to engage other combatants in tonight’s Great Valentine’s Pillow Fight of 2009 in Justin Herman Plaza near San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

However, they were way out in the Mission District shortly before the 6:00 PM scheduled time of the battle with little chance of making post-time. They were last seen heading away from the field of romantic combat. It appears they’d rather make love than war.

Good for them.