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San Francisco’s Ham-Handed Attempt to Suppress Halloween

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

Now the point of the government-sponsored Home for Halloween ad campaign is to suppress turnout for San Francisco’s world-famous Halloween in the Castro. At that, it might be successful, we’ll see. But the webpages for the ad campaign sure are an amateurish, ham-handed production. To wit, try to reconcile this:

There will be NO Halloween celebration in the Castro in 2008.”

With this: 

There very much WILL be Halloween in the Castro. As for “cancelling a celebration:” the fact is quite the opposite.”

Well that’s clear as mud.

Where will these Castro Queens go this year? Click to expand:


Where will Fake Frank Chu go this year?

Where will Batgirl and Robin go this year?

Let’s scan through a few more blanket statements from the H4H webpages:

“As in every other community in the City, there will be zero tolerance for behavior which doesn’t respect the celebrated diversity of our communities.”

What? Not sure if this is a government-sponsored policy goal or whatever. It certainly doesn’t reflect reality and, if we imagine local government taking steps to make the above statement become true, those steps would be unconstitutional. Moving on: 

“And again like last year, there will be zero tolerance for individuals and businesses that do not obey alcohol consumption and distribution regulations.”

In reality, San Francisco has a lot of tolerance for a lot of things. The above statement is not operational, it is incorrect. Let’s try another:  

“The Castro is not appropriate for a party with 100,000 people.”

So then, what about Pink Saturday? Is IT appropriate for the Castro? Perhaps the gov’mint could start up a Home for Pink Saturday campaign?

Akit’s Complaint Department really gets into the David Perry issue here. (It’s certainly possible Akit misunderstood Supervisor Bevan Dufty’s statements over the past year, but that’s a different matter.)

Enjoy your Halloween, San Francisco.