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A “Dramatic” Staged Accident on the Bay: Hey, Is It Too Late to Call Bullshit on this Whole America’s Cup Thing?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

All right, here we go. Back in the day, international oil development companies would go to the leaders of underdeveloped oil-rich countries and make a deal: We’ll take your oil out of the ground and refine it into something you can sell and then we’ll split everything down the middle, 50-50. And that was the way it went for a while, with the oil companies celebrating various leaders, treating them like V.I.P.s, giving them bogus titles and whatnot.

But then one country, I think it was Libya, said, nah, it’s our oil after all, so let’s split things up with more for the country and less for the oil companies. The oil companies threatened to walk away, take away their expertise and take away the leaders’ titles, but, of course, they didn’t.┬áNeedless to say, that new idea of splitting things up differently upset the apple cart.

Comes now Larry Ellison to make a deal with San Francisco with both sides profiting, supposedly. Did San Francisco get a good deal? Not in my opinion, no. But our former Mayor got a title of Grand Exalted Ambassador At Large for the America’s Cup, or something.

So that’s why I’m not too impressed with the whiz-bang action, baby!!!!! of America’s Cup 2013.

Speaking of which, this kind of 96-point headline drama is staged for the cameras, just so you know:

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Now, I’ve sailed catamarans on the Bay myself, back in the day. The masts of the boats I was on were 30-something feet high as opposed to the 60-something foot masts on those 44-foot-long AC45 boats – much smaller but the same basic thing. So you’d think I’d care about AC13, the racing, but I don’t.

But you all enjoy your NASCAR-like staged drama. Substitute wine for beer but nevertheless, watch and hope for a crash, hope for some drama.

Oh well. (Maybe the larger cats in 2013 will actually look a little more like a they’re in a real America’s Cup? Maybe. Not much room for bigger boats in the bay, though.)

But don’t mind me.

Not at all.