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If the SFMTA Wants to Ban “Private Vehicles” from Making Most Turns onto Market Between 3rd and 8th, What About Drivers with Handicapped Placards?

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Get up to speed here.

So “Safer” Market Street is going to ban “private vehicles” including Lyft and Uber-type vehicles, but does that include rides with properly-displayed handicapped placards?

IDK. It seems our SFMTA doesn’t want to deal with this issue.

(Actually, it seems our SFMTA deals with embarrassing issues discussed on the SFMTA website by simply deleting webpages/URLs as soon as members of The Public link to them. Boy, it sure seems that way lately. But moving on, moving “forward” as they say.)

Oh look info about the SFMTA not located at the official SFMTA site – so here’s a link I cite without worrying that it will go bad within 24 hours:

• Bob Planthold: Taxi drivers say they can travel where Muni goes as stated by City Charter. The City will need investigate this. Also broader phrasing is needed regarding disability because “Red & Blue Placards” cannot be restricted.

Read the whole thing, if you want. It’s about all the plans the SFMTA has for this area.

So, is the SFMTA going to ban drivers of private vehicles with handicapped placards from turning onto Market at most places between 3rd and 8th?

Serious question. I think they are…

If You See a BMW and Mercedes Parked Next to Each Other, Which is More Likely to Have a Fraudulent Handicapped Placard?

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

(This is a trick question BTW.)

As seen on Geary:

Click to expand

The answer is that BOTH the Mercedes Benz AND the BMW will have handicapped placards.

Why is that? Well, it has to do with handicapped parking fraud.

Oh, and the owners of these cars think that you’re a sucker for not having a free parking pass of your own.

Oh well.

Boycott Protest in Front of CVS Pharmacy on Market in the Financh Actually Serves to Increase Sales

Friday, January 28th, 2011

Had no idea that was have a CVS now in the FiDi. But these days you can’t miss it what with all the protest signs that say “CVS.”

Went in and scored some prenatal vitamins, the kind the don’t sell at the Costco, the special magic ones that are specifically recommended, on a unexpected buy-one-get-one free basis, so that saved me $20-something or something.


Shouldn’t CVS have been allowed a real sign so that people passing by every day would notice its there?

Are these the same people you see in front of the Walgreen’s on Sacramento?

Do they have some specific cause? I asked one of them one time and he said everything I needed to know was on a sheet of paper but the other guy, the one on Front had the papers so I should go ask him about it.

Oh well.

CVS today, Target tomorrow, and who knows, maybe someday we’ll finally get something really exotic like a Lexus dealership (nope, not in SF) and a Wendys (they used to be here) or two.

Just like a real town…

Olympic Torch – S.F. Chronicle to Distribute 418,000 Darfur Protest Placards

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

News comes from Dave Eggers in the New York Times.

“In 418,000 copies of the April 4 edition of The San Francisco Chronicle, subscribers will get a placard that on one side explains the connections between China and the genocide in Sudan, and on the other side says, “China: Extinguish the Flames of Genocide in Darfur.” How’s that for an early morning jolt?”

These placards are going to look a little something like this:


Will people need to register in advance in order to hold up these signs along the torch route? Will people need to be herded into “free speech zones,” like these pens used in Boston a while back, before they are allowed to hold up these signs?

Only time will tell.