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Remembering the Aughts, Back When Low-Rise Jeans were the Rage in Frisco

Thursday, August 18th, 2016

This woman was awkwardly kicking at (not necessarily kicking, I didn’t see that) parked cars on JFK in Golden Gate Park:

img_1438a copy

This is what Frisco was like in the 2000-2009 decade…

Lean Over: The Photo of a “Female Plumber” That Sheryl Sandberg Doesn’t Want You to See

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

Let’s see here:

“When a friend of Sheryl Sandberg’s was looking for a stock image of a female plumber, all she found online were women posing in lingerie and clutching wrenches.”

Mmmm. What if I tried to find stock images of a “female plumber?” Here, take a look, no foolsies.

Well, wrenches, sure, that’s the whole point. Holding a plumber’s wrench = plumber, right?

But “posing in lingerie?” Not so much.

In fact not at all! But this one is close, I ‘spose:

Gentle Reader, I’ll make the impolite suggestion that billionaire* Sheryl Sandberg’s conveniently-unidentified millionaire* friend doesn’t know what she* is doing when she hunts for images online.

Why not sell books and lead by NOT (re)telling lies/stories that don’t add up?



Plumber’s Butt, Biker’s Butt: There’s Little Difference – Cyclist Enjoys the Overly-Wide Sidewalks of Geary in TRD

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

This dude reminded me of…

Click to expand

…this gal, who certainly enjoyed kicking at the parked cars what “invaded” Golden Gate Park on a so-called Healthy Saturday:

Anyway, what Geary needs is to lose its useless median strip.


Prediction: Low-Rise Pants are Now as Low as They Will Ever Be

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

As is the case with fashionably large sunglasses, there comes a limit with how far you can go. The low-rise revival that started in 2001 has now run its course. Ergo, normal pants should be coming back.

This cyclist on JFK Drive in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park attracted attention by kicking at (not actually kicking, apparently) parked cars, perhaps in frustration over seeing a Subaru quasi SUV parked on a stretch of road that some drafts of Healthy Saturdays would have made car-free. It was the start of the 2008 season of Healthy Saturdaies yesterday, after all.  


Regardless of what you’re doing, it seems regular pants would be a more comfortable option.

Regular pants tomorrow, regular pants today, regular pants forever!