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Azuria Glass: The Reason Why San Francisco’s InterContinental Hotel Will Never Fit In

Friday, March 6th, 2009

How blue is Azuria (nee Azurlite), the “spectrally sensitive” glass from PPG (nee Pittsburg Plate Glass) Industries, Inc.? Blue enough for the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas but too blue for San Francisco? You might think that, after seeing the stubby InterContinental San Francisco Hotel (artist’s conception here) from the Sky Terrace Privately Owned Public Open Space at 835 Market Street.

But that’s all right. So you’re a little blue, IC. I’m sure you look nice inside.  

Compare it with the old-school, 100-year-old green glass of the Westfield’s San Francisco Centre Emporium Dome:

Click to expand

Welcome to the neighborhood, IC. May you live 100 years.

Sky Terrace – One of San Francisco’s Privately Owned Public Open Spaces

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Here’s something you haven’t done but you should do: Visit the Sky Terrace atop the Westfield Mall on Market Street. It’s a Privately Owned Public Open Space, so the Man has to let you up there whether he likes it or not.

Hey, why not visit all the POPOS in San Francisco by using this well-researched guide from the people at SPUR and this handy map from the San Francisco Chronicle’s John King and Marcus Chan?

Here it is, featuring the Emporium Dome. Click to expand:

You’re up fairly high and you get an unusual view of the City:

If you look the right direction, you can forget the past 80 or so years of development. Here you can see UC Hastings College of Law and the highest dome in the Western Hemisphere, San Francisco City Hall:

But is this rooftop retreat hard to find? Not really. If you’re out on the street, just go into 835 Market (right next to the Bong Building), tell the security guard you want to go up to the Sky Terrace, and then you’re up there in no time. If you get hassled, keep yelling, “I knows my rights!” Repeatedly. That ought to do the trick.

Will you want to go back? Maybe, maybe not. A lot of these POPOS places aren’t what you call “destinations” – they’re just places to hang out if you’re around.

Anyway, check it out.

“The new Sky Terrace is the perfect setting for an exclusive and urban rooftop experience. It has a private entrance and overlooks the gorgeous dome and cityscape.

It’s perfect for a VIP lounge, wedding ceremony, film location, reception or intimate dinner.  Combining the Sky Terrace with Under the Dome creates an event that flows in surprising directions.

Up to 300 guests for a cocktail reception, 175 for a sit-down dinner. 3,000+ square feet. Up to 2,500+ guests when spaces are combined.”

See you there!