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THE PORTOLA Update: Lousy Transit and Lousy Parking – Does Any Other District in Frisco Have It This Bad?

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Here’s the new sign for THE Portola, fka Little Jerusalem and The Flat.

7J7C6001 copy

(So, when you’re talking about the San Francisco district, it’s the PORtola, but when you’re talking about the Street in the Presidio or the Drive (what’s basically a continuation of Market, which as the joke goes is “straight until it hits the Castro”), it’s porTOla, but  if you’re talking about the dude himself, it’s portoLA. That’s my understanding. (Oh, here’s KALW’s take.))

Anyway, Man, parking is a competitive sport here – ppl just circle and circle, and then they squeeze on in, thusly:

7J7C5979 copy

Of course, parking is no picnic in more name-brand hoods such as Russian Hill or Nob Hill, but in those places non-driving options seem better.

Look at this, free parking for laundromat customers only, which I’ve never seen before in Frisco. What luxury!

7J7C6000 copy

Anyway, ppl end up buying cars to fit the space they have:

7J7C6021 copy

And they end up posting signs on the topic:

7J7C5999 copy

And here – a brace of rusty rear-engined, air-cooled relics, all in a row, perhaps from the same owner. (I’ll bet this kind of thing gets discussed on NextDoor.)

7J7C5980 copy

I don’t hear anything good about MUNI down here, on the wrong side of perpetually-congested Hospital Curve. So how else should one get around?

I wouldn’t mind riding a bike in the Portola, but I prolly would mind the ride to get all the way down there. I wouldn’t know a good way.

(Anyway, that’s my impression. I know all about the northern half of Frisco, but The South? Not much at all.)

The solution would appear to be just having a garage….

Today’s Mayor Ed Lee Electoral Victory Lap Around San Francisco is Nothing But a Big F.U. to David Chiu

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Ah, let’s see what’s on the agenda today – oh it’s a tour of the City, a kind of victory lap to celebrate yesterday’s big news.

Mr. Mayor will drop by Districts #4, #7, and  #10 with  area Supervisors. Check it:

“Mayor Lee to visit Sunset neighborhood merchants along Irving Street with Supervisor Carmen Chu to discuss jobs & small businesses.
Merchant walk to start at Sunset Super”

“Mayor Lee to visit West Portal neighborhood merchants along West Portal Avenue with Supervisor Sean Elsbernd to discuss jobs & small businesses.
Merchant walk to start at Squat & Gobble”

“Mayor Lee to visit Portola neighborhood merchants along San Bruno Avenue with Supervisor Malia Cohen to discuss jobs & small businesses.
Merchant walk to start at North East Medical Services (NEMS)”

Fair enough, but oh, here’s another one – it’s in District #3, you know, the realm of Board of Supervisors President David Chiu.

“Mayor Lee to visit Chinatown neighborhood merchants along Stockton Street to discuss jobs & small businesses.
Merchant walk to start at Self-Help for the Elderly”

You notice anything? That’s right, Supervisor Chiu isn’t invited to a merchant walk in his own district.

Do you think that this is a mere oversight on behalf of the scheduling secretary?*

I don’t.

This is WillieBrownRosePakEdLee saying Foxtrot Yankee to poor DC for, among other things, Speaking Truth to Power a few months back.**

Oh well.

President David Chiu (along with Dr. Malcom-esque District #1 Supervisor Eric Mar) in mayoral campaign mode last week. 

Click to expand

Soon, if not already, he’ll be in supervisorial campaign mode once again. What do WillieBrownRosePakEdLee have in store for David Chiu for 2012?

Well, we’ll just have to wait and see…

*Will Ed Lee be the first San Francisco Mayor since the 1990’s to NOT have sex with a young, attractive, female, SFGov mayoral scheduling secretary? Why yes, you can bank on that. How refreshing!

**Play us out, Managing Editor James Gardner:

“’So, Ed,’ began David Chiu, recounting a private conversation he claims the two had shortly before Lee reversed his longstanding insistence he wouldn’t run. ‘You told me you didn’t have the fire in the belly. You’d looked in the mirror and said you didn’t want to run … but you didn’t know how to say no to Willie Brown and Rose Pak.’

OK, there’s a genuine gotcha. Ouch.”

How to Deal with the Cable Monopoly in San Francisco – Tim Redmond vs. Comcast

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Or, How to Beat Comcast.

Seems as if Tim Redmond is just a tiny bit irked with Big Cable these days. So much so, that he even complained directly to Comcast’s Big Guy, Brian Roberts.

Artist’s conception of the leader of our TV monopoly:

(It must be a hard knock life listening to people complain about their TV service…)

The thing is that the last thing monopolies want to do is hire more people. So, you need to think before you let Comcast waste your time and money. Here are four options:

1. Avoid that service center down on Portola. Comcast’s other office in the inner, Inner Richmond District is a veritable ghost town of lonely employees yearning for the company of customers needing help. Check it out at 3732 Geary Blvd (between Arguello Blvd & 2nd Ave). You’ll be in and out in no time – that’s much better than the old days when you had to wait all day for a “trained” tech to come out.

2. Cancel Comcast and get a dish. I don’t know how it works or which system is better, but it couldn’t be worse than Comcast, right? Certainly would be cheaper and you wouldn’t be giving your hard-earned to a monopoly.

3. Cancel Comcast and just use rabbit ears. I’ll tell you, my Sony is approaching two decades of service and it displays that digital TV just fine. I mean, if your show isn’t on channels 2, 4, 5, 7, or 9 it’s just not worth watching, right? Comcast wants you to think you need cable TV but you don’t need cable TV. Try a Comcast vacation for 30 days and then you’ll wonder why you ever gave those melon-farmers $1000 (after taxes!) a year.

4. Threaten to cancel Comcast and have them lower your bill to less than $30. Here’s what you do, love. Just ring up (877) 870-4310 and tell them you don’t want cable no mo. (This is a lie, but that’s O.K.) They’ll ask you why and then you’ll tell them that you just got laid off or something. Then it’s name-your-price time, baby. Have them throw in a digital box, free HBO, I don’t know, whatever. They’ll lower your bill wayyyyyy down for six months or a year or whatnot. Then it’ll be time to call them up all over again. Easy peasy. As they say, Asking Comcast To Lower Your Bill Results In Comcast Lowering Your Bill. But of course, you don’t just ask, you tell them you can’t afford it and you want to cancel.

Am I saying that you’re a sucker if you don’t call up Comcast right now at (877) 870-4310 and threaten to cancel? Yes. Yes I am.

Choose or lose.

David Campos is Hell-Bent for Election as District 9 Supervisor

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Finally made it down to David Campos for District 9 Supervisor Headquarters at 24th and Mission. It’s an impressive campaign for more than a few reasons. 

He’s been performing well at debates and, consequently, he has a slew of varied endorsements, including the San Francisco Democratic Party, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian and the district’s popular supervisor, Tom Ammiano. The crime issue seems to be more of an issue in the Mission recently (to say the least), so voters might particularly value having someone with police commission experience. And also, he’s getting out there and spending lots of time meeting residents in the Mission, Bernal Heights and Portola.

What more can you ask for?

A somber evening at the well-attended anti-violence march on 24th Street last month:

A daunting list of supporters:

And David himself, in the background, on the phone talking to voters to the approval of Spider, the Campos for Supervisor Wonder Dog:

If you add in the fact that he’s raised the most money and he has a lot left to spend, you might conclude he has an impressive campaign.

Just saying.