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More Graffiti on the William McKinley Statue in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Poor President McKinley! First he goes to New York and gets shot twice, then they take his mountain away from him, and now this: the repeated tagging of his statue in the Golden Gate Park Panhandle. Is this graffiti problem getting worse lately?

It wasn’t always so. This statue got cleaned up last year, but then it got tagged again. And now it’s woirse. Oh vey. 

[Update] It’s possible the Van Buren Boys street gang could be involved. It’s anticipated they’ll soon release a communique at demanding the destruction of this statue and the erection of an even bigger one in honor of their hero, “Mutton-chop Martin”, our Eighth President. When, oh when, will this Battle of Dead Presidents end?  

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