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Oh Noes! In Washington D.C., They’re Talking About Cutting $15 Million from the Presidio’s Annual Budget?

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

A bud from D.C. says that cutting the annual federal stipend from Washington to the Presidio Trust is the Talk of the Town Back East this AM.

Congressman Tom Reed doesn’t like the 415, apparently:

“Two of Reed’s amendments would remove $23 million of funding for the Presidio Trust and $10 million for sewer construction in Tijuana, Mexico. The third would save $140 million by prohibiting an automatic pay increase for foreign service officers in the State Department.”

Is this like an annual thing, this effort to cut us off? Maybe not. Here’s the play-by-play from like 12 hours ago:

8:20 P.M. –
Amendment offered by Mr. Reed.
An amendment numbered 381 printed in the Congressional Record to reduce Presidio Trust, Presido Trust Fund by $15,000,000.”

Pick up the action at 5:00 right here. They’re talking about us in S.F. wasting federal funds:

” And when I look at the presidio trust fund and look at the park, it’s a great park, I concede that point, but the plan for the park was to be self-sufficient.”

“At this point, it’s time for us to put all our cards on the table and say, now that you are standing on your own two feet, when we face the fiscal crisis, this government now has to make a responsible decision.”

Harsh, dude.

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Always thought we had ’til 2013 guaranteed.

Oh well.