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Run, Ed, Run: Wow, Take a Look at the Media Scrum at Today’s Mayor Ed Lee Campaign Announcement

Monday, August 8th, 2011

There he is, San Francisco Interim Mayor Ed Lee announcing his election campaign.

At this moment, he was dodging questions from The Bay Citizen’s Gerry Shih

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The deets:

I ask Ed Lee if he’ll keep giving exclu. intvus/news/polls to chron. Nevius comes up after, sez “maybe when you work for a bigger place’ Heh”

And somebody got arrested because Mayor Lee is an “oath breaker?” Didn’t see that.  (Hope it wasn’t David Chiu!) Here are some peace officers outside of City Hall dealing with the aftermath of that little scuffle:

Here’s the audio of heckler Charles Kalish, addressing the Mayor: “Sir, are you going to step down?” Well, Chuck got carried away by six Sheriff’s deputies, I heard.

Anyway, it was over in a flash, with Ed journeying up to Room 200:

And, oh look, here’s a fresh statement from Senator Leland Yee:

“I have always said that whoever wants to run should run. I look forward to discussing the important issues facing our city with the interim mayor and finally seeing him at the candidate debates. While Ed Lee entering the race today is newsworthy, I am more focused on our campaign’s message to voters and continuing the dialogue we have had over the past 8 months. What I hear from the people of San Francisco is that we need to clean up City Hall and have a mayor who is independent of the power brokers. That is why I have released a 21-point ethics plan to restore the public trust and return city government to the people of our great city. Fighting for them is a promise I will keep as mayor.”

One of those “power brokers” referenced must certainly be Chinatown ward healer Rose Pak, but she wasn’t on the scene today in the basement of City Hall.

And here’s Board of Supervisors President David Chiu on the KQED News Fix Blog:

“Today there are many San Franciscans who are disappointed that Ed broke his promise,” he said.  “For many months Ed Lee told San Franciscans one thing but it’s clear now he’s going to do just the opposite.”


On It Goes…

Speaking of Abusing Those SFPD Press Passes, What About Parking? 80% of Chinatown Spaces Used by the Working Press?

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Read all about the recent press pass revocation issue at Fog City Journal and Josh Wolf’s Freedomania.

But what about the concomitant parking passes? Remember all the way back six years to aught-five, when the press parking sitch was “out of control?” From a 2005 meeting of the SF Police Commission:

Sergeant Neville Gittens, Public Affairs, gave a presentation in regards to issuance of press passes.  In the past, there were no check and balances in terms of who gets press passes.  All an individual had to do was to show up with some type of ID or some type of letterhead that stated that he was from a news organization and that press pass was issued to that person.  When they started looking at the issue with the press passes, they realized that the situation was out of control.  The numbers were just too high.  There have been issues in terms of parking.  The press pass entitles a person to get a parking permit.  He stated that they have done enforcement in the Chinatown area and 80 percent of the parking spaces were occupied by people that displayed the Public Affairs parking permits”

Good times. Deets below.

You can see this Ford Exploder all over town, parking wherever, whenever. Is a press parking pass better than a handicap placard? Don’t know.

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Anyway, as promised, the deets on the parking issue, and the standards for getting a press pass from 2005, below:

March 9th, 2005

“Sergeant Neville Gittens, Public Affairs, gave a presentation in regards to issuance of press passes.  In the past, there were no check and balances in terms of who gets press passes.  All an individual had to do was to show up with some type of ID or some type of letterhead that stated that he was from a news organization and that press pass was issued to that person.  When they started looking at the issue with the press passes, they realized that the situation was out of control.  The numbers were just too high.  There have been issues in terms of parking.  The press pass entitles a person to get a parking permit.  He stated that they have done enforcement in the Chinatown area and 80 percent of the parking spaces were occupied by people that displayed the Public Affairs parking permits. These problems have been ongoing and over the last two years, his unit have tightened up the criteria and have reduced the number of press passes from 1800 to just over 700.

They has also established a good relationship with the judge at Department of Parking and Traffic.  In the past, the judge have expressed issues and problems with people that have misused the parking permits continuously and at any time the judge recognizes some abuse the person is called in and a lot of times the permits were confiscated.  The goal is to get the number down to a reasonable amount where they can reissue these parking permits and press passes yearly.

Commissioner Sparks stated that this is one issue that the Commission should have a public hearing on or at least the ability for the public to respond.  She stated that she finds it distressing that the Department is trying to reduce press passes based on criteria that there is too many. She stated that the Department would be wanting to increase and to do a better job investigating who should be eligible for a press pass and issuing to qualified people and not just arbitrarily reducing the number.

Commissioner Sparks stated that the Department needs to reevaluate how the press passes are issued, what the criteria for issuing, and update the standards.  Sergeant Gittens explained that the criteria that was used is for people that are covering breaking news that required to cross police and fire lines.  He stated that that was the criteria that wasn’t followed.   Commissioner Chan what information is required from the employer in order to credential the applicant.  Sergeant Gittens stated that first they want to verify the employment.  If it’s a situation where the person is doing that, there is also the “stringers.”  The “stringers” cover the police beat, breaking news of police and fire issues.

Commissioner Orr-Smith stated that $50 seems a scant fee for such a privileged credential.  Commissioner Orr-Smith stated that when you consider that, as working press person, the cost of permits and pass are all tax deductible. She asked that the Department takes a look at raising the fee for the press credentials.  Sergeant Gittens explained that currently the press passes are free.  It’s the parking permit that cost $50. Commissioner Sparks suggests a sliding scale might be more appropriate as far as charging.  She stated that if the Department is able to charge more money, that might help to offset the costs of more detailed background investigation or more detailed evaluation of an individual applying.”

[If anybody said, “Forget it, Jake. It’s Chinatown,” well, it’s not in the official record.]

And, lastly, the standards for getting a press pass, AFAICT:




What Is a Press Pass?

A San Francisco Police Department Press Pass is a credential that allows the media to pass through police and fire lines for the purpose of gathering news. It does not, however, entitle the holder access to a crime scene or entry into a restricted area if

such entry interferes with the duties of emergency personnel. In addition, a press pass does not necessarily guarantee the holder access to press conferences, since access is generally controlled by the sponsor of the event and not by the San Francisco Police Department.

Who Qualifies for a Press Pass?

Only persons employed by news-gathering media who are required to cover

breaking news and to pass through police and fire lines qualify for a press pass. Feature writers and photographers, editorialists, freelance writers and pbotographers, personnel of dot-com financial and business companies, financial service broadcasters, and all staff not actively gathering news at the scene of an incident are not eligible.

Completing the Application for Press Pass

When completing the Application for Press Pass, be sure to print clearly and fill in all the required information. Sign the application and be sure that the Employer’s Statement is completed. Enclose (2) l” x 1” photographs with your completed application.

Renewing Your Press Pass

You will be required to keep your Press Pass up-to-date and will not receive any

renewal notice. Prior to tbe expiration of your press pass, contact the Public Affairs Office for renewal.

Loss or Theft of Press Pass or Change of Employment

If your press pass is lost or stolen, you must file a report with the appropriate law enforcement agency and notify the San Francisco Police Department Public Affairs Office. You must also notify the Public Affairs Office upon change of employment.

850 Bryant Street, Room 549, San Francisco, CA, 94103 Tel. (415) 553-1651 / Fax (415 553-9229 E-Mail:

What’s So Great About Having an SFPD-Issued Press Pass? It’s Value Eludes Me – What Makes It Worth $50 per Year?

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

I’ll tell you, an SFPD press pass won’t get you into any Super Bowl, let me tell you.

If you want “media credentials,” just laminate your name and the name of your blog, bingo bango, not that I’ve done that.

You see, they’re not letting your pass into some venue, they’re letting you in. They like you, they don’t care about some card around your neck. You’ll see. And actually, these things can be a liability, sometimes.*

I suppose an official SFPD pass would make a good souvenir, something to save in your hope chest or something:

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Fret naught, Bloggers. These things don’t really mean all that much…

*And remember that time all the Chinatown newspaper reporters got denied access to that Hillary Clinton campaign event at the Palace Hotel because, get this, they were representatives of the “foreign press” because their SFPD ID’s proved just that? Oh man, what a fustercluck that one was. Good times…

The Fourth Estate, the Second Estate, and the First Estate All Come Together at Civic Center

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

On camera left is the Fourth Estate, The Press, in the background is the Second Estate, the home of Lords Temporal, and on the right is the First Estate, our Lords Spiritual.

In whom do you place your trust?

Via Steve Rhodes – click to expand

Look into the reigns of a great estate

Better lights pull you out of the ground

Seep into the wood of the great estates

Animals your soul will guide

Jerry Brown Throws Down: Already On The Job! Heads to Sacramento Tomorrow – More Meetings With Legislative Leaders

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Our Attorney General and Governor-elect Jerry Brown just held a presser at his Campaign Headquarters in Oakland. It seems he’s already On The Job.

He said he’ll head down to San Diego for a funeral for a police officer but then he’ll fly to Sacramento to get going with work tomorrow.

And reporters are already adressing him as “Governor.”

Read below for a few notes.

El Protector de la Gente, Jerry Brown:

via Thomas Hawk

Yesterday’s election paves the way for a lot of hard work up ahead.

I’ve already met this morning with leaders in the Senate and Assembly.

I’m going to get to work in Sacramento starting tomorrow.

We’ll have no new taxes unless it’s clear that’s Californians want them.

The “breakdown in Sacramento will pave the way for a breakthrough.”

I’ll be working hard to find waste or low-priority spending in state government.

I told people, “If you want frugality, I’m your man.”

I didn’t create this mess in Sacramento but I’ll do whatever I can to fix it.

I’m going to pare down the budget as much as I can.

I won’t be making specific proposals until I officially take over as Governor.

I have long-lived fore-bearers – my grandmother died at 96 and I have another close relative who’s alive at 98. It would be presumptuous for me to talk about serving as Governor four years from now.

Let’s get off this Chief of Staff stuff, reporters, let’s not talk about it too much. I  want to flatten the Administration. Let’s make government more responsive and more coherent.

I’ll be sure to find a place to live in Sacramento, somewhere.

Grisly Hanging Bacon at Our MoMA in the SoMA – Sure, Meat is Murder, But Is It Art? – “EXPOSED” and “HENRI CARTIER BRESSON” Debut

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010

I’m not sure if this scene of bacon drying on the line at our San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is for the kick-off of Exposed, Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870, or the kick-off of HENRI CARTIER-BRESSON: The Modern Century, or both.

Or maybe you’re supposed to eat it?

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Irregardless, a better way to start your day is with Bakon, the bacon-flavored vodka. This is a real product, srsly:


(Bacon, enjoy 2010, ’cause you’ll never be as popular as you are this year. Oh well.)


Tortilla Conspiracy Takes Over the Levi’s Workshop on Valencia – Printing with Chocolate and Juice

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

Our coporate overlords seem to be making the most of the temporary Levi’s Workshop down in the Mission.

The latest joint was called MISSION ICONS IN A TIME OF CHANGE.

Is this print from chocolate or beet juice? Don’t know.

Get all the deets, after the jump.


Print What You Want, More or Less, at the Temporary Levi’s Workshop on Valencia

Friday, July 9th, 2010

I don’t know, if you want to drop by to check out the temporary Levi’s Workshop at 580-582 Valencia near 17th Street, well then be my guest:

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Or you can vandalize the joint, your choice.

Anyway, they sure seem friendly:

I guess that you can go in on Sundays and print up posters for your non-profit or not-for-profit event / joint on this Vandercook SP-25 Proof Press:

They have lots of stuff…

…including a bunch of rivets:

Alice Waters in the house:



And the graffiti was almost all cleaned up by the time I got there on Tuesday:

All the deets:

The Levi’s(R) Brand Pays Homage to Its Workwear Roots With the Launch of Levi’s Workshops

Interactive Workshops Open Doors in San Francisco this July and New York City later this Fall

SAN FRANCISCO, July 6 /PRNewswire/ — Since its inception in 1873 as one of the original purveyors of American workwear, the Levi’s® brand has been the uniform of choice for great American pioneers.  Levi’s® jeans have been worn by the craftsmen, laborers and artisans who helped define the cultural landscape in America and have shaped the energy and events of our times.  This week, the Levi’s® brand celebrates a new generation of pioneers and creative communities across the country with the launch of Levi’s® Workshops.  Taking a new, innovative approach to integrating community involvement with retailing, the first Levi’s® Workshop debuts this week in San Francisco followed by a second expression of the program later this fall in New York City.  The Levi’s® Workshops will be multi-use spaces, featuring a functional workshop, community event space and retail storefront.  Each Workshop is designed to focus on a specific craft including printmaking in the San Francisco Workshop and photography in the New York City shop.

The Levi’s® Workshops will serve as community-based extensions of the brand’s Go Forth marketing campaign, paying homage to the principles of hard work and civic engagement. Central to the Workshop program will be collaborations with recognized pioneers from each community.  For eight weeks, each Levi’s® Workshop will open its doors to the general public and host a range of interactive demonstrations, educational programming and events.

Ever more deets, after the jump


Leno, Ammiano, Dufty to Star at Tomorrow’s Save the Castro Country Club Rally

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

This one speaks for itself. There’ll be a rally in the Castro for the benefit of the highly-rated Castro Country Club tomorrow Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 12:30 PM:

“Longtime Home of a Recovery Meeting Place in the Castro to be Sold. Leno, Ammiano, Dufty to Make Appeal for Funds to Save the Club, Keep the Steps in the Castro

WHO:  San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty, Assemblymember Tom Ammiano, State Senator Mark Leno as well as Jonathan Vernick, Executive Director, Baker Places

WHAT: Press Conference & Fundraising Rally to Save the Castro Country Club

WHEN: Saturday, April 24, 2010, 12:30 p.m.

WHERE: The Front Steps at 4058 18th Street in San Francisco

WHY: After almost 30 years, the Castro Country Club, a recovery meeting and gathering place, is at risk of closing due to the sale of the building where it is located.  Local leaders and members of the recovery community are rallying to raise the funds necessary to save the club from closing.”

More deets:

About the Castro Country Club
Founded in recovery. The volunteer-based Club operates an espresso café on site and is open from early morning until late at night, 365 days a year. It currently hosts over thirty 12-step meetings each week. The Castro Country Club is a program of Baker Places, a nonprofit corporation providing an array of community-based services to residents of San Francisco with mental health, substance abuse and/or HIV/AIDS-related issues. For more information, please visit

See you there!

Make $20: Get Your Personal Mission District Anecdote Illustrated as a Comic

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

It’s on the craigslist, so it must be legit:

“Skoda Man Press Seeking Stories for Comic Book Guide to the Mission. San Francisco, February 24, 2010 — Skoda Man Press, an independent publishing company, is developing a comic book travel guide to San Francisco’s Mission District, and is currently seeking anecdotes about the Mission.

“We are looking at a wide range of stories that capture the spirit of the Mission,” said Skoda Man editor Lauren Davis. “We want to see everything from that epic night out to slice-of-life vignettes about the neighborhood.  We’re looking for tales of great food, lazy days in the park, and strange encounters with eccentric people. We want people who live in and visit the Mission to be able to open the book and recognize their friends and neighbors.”

Sweet. It’ll be like that time Kramer sold his anecdotes to J Peterman for $750 (except that less money is involved).

Remember dooring that cyclist with your Mercedes S67 after parking in front of Farina? (Good times.) Throw in your account of ducking from automatic gunfire and that’s a graphic novelette right there:

Click to expand.

“The editors will choose 20 anecdotes, and then contract with Bay Area sequential artists to create comic versions of the stories. The final book will provide a unique view of the Mission, seen through the eyes of various residents, visitors, and artists.

“Authors of the selected entries will receive $20 and a story credit, plus the opportunity to see their story brought to comic life. Writers should submit their detailed anecdotes to by March 20th.

“Skoda Man Press is a San Francisco-based, independent publisher. The comic book guide to the Mission will be its first published title.”

See you in the funny pages.