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Leave Us Review: Ivory Madison is NOT a “Trained Attorney” and is NOT a “Nonpracticing Attorney” and is NOT Any Other Kind

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Now if you want to say that now-famous nonlawyer Ivory Madison was trained as an attorney, well, that would be O.K., I s’pose, but you can’t allege, as some have, recently, that she’s a “trained attorney.”


No, no, no, no, no.*

Cause, you see, that goes too far.

OTOH, you can say that certain people thought IM was an attorney, for good reason, actually, and acted accordingly.

You could say that.

Imagine you’re a high school football player who went to a Catholic church to confess to sexual contact with a 15-year-old only to find out that the priest you thought you were talking to was actually Ashton Kutcher punking you. Would your mouthpiece start saying how evidence of your privileged communication should be thrown out of court because Ashton is a “trained priest?”

I doubt it.

But there are other good arguments to make, right?

Having said that, there’s nothing out there to suggest that Ivory acted improperly in the case at hand.

Did she “struggle” with the issues? Perhaps, but so have others before her

Let’s hope this is the final Ivory Madison is not an attorney post you’ll have to read.

Oh, so it turns out Ivory Madison a merely a “law school graduate.”

NTTAWWT. Not at all.

But when you hold yourself out as a “nonpracticing lawyer,” well, that can create confusion, non? 

Via ComicVine 

I think I’ll file this one under alpha female self-puffery, and that will that be that.

All right, GASNM.

(Boy, San Francisco is a small town, huh?)

*My top five favorite poetic devices of all time are repetition, repetition, repetition, repetition, and repetition.

The Story of the Wiggle Bike Path: Over-Privileged Cyclist vs. Under-Attentive Driver

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Here’s a little vignette from The Wiggle bike path in the Lower Haight area of San Francisco. The driver of this green cute-ute literally didn’t know where she was going. So, she sat a bit at the westbound stop sign on Waller at Steiner while trying to think of her next move. Maybe she was lost, or looking for a parking space, who knows.

Then here comes dude on his bike. As he’s he’s blowing the stop sign, passing betwixt the SUV and a parked car, the SUV driver decides to turn right. This cuts off the cyclist, who starts out yelling, “Hey lady, do you know where you’re going?” Something like that. Repeatedly.

So here’s the scene after he chased her down Steiner while yelling all the while.

Click to expand

No doubt the driver needs to try harder, but the cyclist seems to think he has the right to blow stop signs with impunity. If he had stopped and then gotten cut off, then he’d have a point.

Anyway, this typifies your Over-Privileged Cyclist vs. Under-Attentive Driver angry interaction in San Francisco.

Oh well.