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Can “Funeral Cops” on Motorcycles Really Tell You What To Do?

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

So, you’re all set to motor on the streets of San Francisco with your high-performance vehicle and then…

Disaster! Some funeral procession is blocking you even though you have the green light. It’s just like Critical Mass, except these car parades can show up at any time. Do you really have to listen to these “funeral cops” when they try to block your vehicle’s path?

Maybe. See below.

Per Tom Marshall, a CHP spokesman in HQ in Sacramento:

“The Vehicle Code says any person who disregards any traffic signal or direction given by a peace officer authorized to escort funeral processions in uniform shall be guilty of an infraction and subject to penalties.

“The Vehicle Code is silent on non-peace officers performing funeral-escort duty.

“However, we would recommend that motorists observe the directions of such an escort not only out of respect, but also to avoid danger to themselves and those in the procession.

“It is reasonable that a motorist in a funeral procession is somewhat relying upon the escort’s direction and may not expect someone to not observe their directions.”

What that means is that, especially in places like San Francisco where there are rules for Funeral Precession Escorts, you probably won’t get a ticket for ignoring a so-called “fake cop,” but you very likely will get the blame if you get into an accident.

Choose wisely.