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Gumps in Union Square is Already All Ready for Christmas 2011 – Everything’s Eurocentric, Except for Buddha-Claus

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

As seen from Post Street.

Don’t miss the giant Buddha* – he’s in the mix as well:

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Merry Christmas!

* Now, you think, and I’m srsly you guys, you think maybe at some point Gumps could make a replica of the Buddha and then send the original back to Northern China whence it came? Just asking, Gump-bro. I know you have custody of it currently, from Agents of Fortune, though Accident of History, but is that the way it will always be? 

“A Qing Dynasty gilded wood Buddha, carved for a summer palace in Northern China, is located in the store. It was carved in the Northern Manchurian Province of Jehol, the summer capital of the Ch’ing Emperors in the early 19th Century. The piece, the largest of its kind outside a museum, is the only item in the store that is not for sale.”

China, China, calling out to history
Is that the way it will always be?

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee Honors Taiwan, a Country that Doesn’t Exist

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

At least according to the World Health Organization. See? (“Don’t you have _another_ passport you’d prefer to use as ID?”)

And yet, here’s Taiwan being treated like a regular country, just the other day in Union Square:

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Now, you wouldn’t have seen former Mayor Gavin Newsom at an event like this, I don’t think – he seems to strongly prefer the Other China, the China what doesn’t have elections.

But maybe things are changing these days, so having an annual party for this particular country / renegade province isn’t such a bad thing anymore.