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Remembering Charles Gain, the Last SFPD Police Chief to Wear a Suit More than a Uniform

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

New San Francisco Police Chief George Gascón is becoming known for donning a suit more often than a uniform, per this bit from CW Nevius. Now the last time we had a chief like that was from 1975-1980, when “outsiderCharles Gain ran the SFPD.

Did Chief Gain really have all of San Francisco’s police cars painted soft pale blue and did he really replace the seven-pointed SFPD stars on the doors with the San Francisco Seal avec an encircling “POLICE SERVICES” motif?

Yes, yes he did. How friendly!

gain copy

Can you imagine?

Looks like the seven-pointed star made it onto the trunks, though. As seen in Milk:

blue copy

Now what do you think the union thought about that? Not much.

Mayor Dianne Feinstein asked for his resignation in 1979 after the White Night Riots and he was replaced in 1980.

And now San Francisco’s “black-and-whites” are black and white again, with stars and everything.

Don’t expect that to change anytime soon.