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Berkeley Psychic Institute’s “Psychic Fair and Healing Festival” in Golden Gate Park

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

Wow. The Yelp-rated Berkeley Psychic Institute held its “Psychic Fair and Healing Festival” in Golden Gate Park today. FYI

Read all about it below. Here’s an aural photograph session in progress. What color is your aura? (I bet it’s purple, people always seem to have purple.) I tried to take clear photos, but none of them came out well. They were all fuzzy, just like the Polaroid photos in The Ring movie from 2002. Weird.

Actually, I didn’t want to interfere with the Angels of Healing and/or the Gods of Commerce, so I was out of there with a quickness. It reminded me of the time I was delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to a church on Church and I had to pass around an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to help get the birds into the icebox – I took efforts to not interupt the process going on around me and I tiptoed on out of there.

I’ve had my fill of Scientologists and ex-Scientologists recently, so it was interesting to see who started up the BPI.

But you, well, maybe this is for you.

BPI Psychic Fair and Healing Festival
Saturday, May 23rd, 1pm – 6pm

Free psychic abilities demonstrations, free aura healings and lots of fun.
Readings on topics including past lives, relationships, career and spirit guides.
Readings $12 contribution or 3 for #30. It’s a weekend celebrating psychic abilities!

San Francisco County Fair Building

9th Street at Lincoln Way, San Francisco, in Golden Gate Park.

And There You Have It.