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“Prioritized Enforcement” – The SFPD Just Issued Its Guidelines for Bay to Breakers 2010

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Here’s the thing. The SFPD can’t arrest everybody for every little thing at this Sunday’s ING Bay to Breakers Footrace 2010. You know that, they that, we all know that.

But the SFPD will pay particular attention to certain behavior during the event, so it pays to bone up on the rules before you break them. Deets below.

Actually, the cops are generally pretty mellow during B2B. Check it.

As seen in 2009. Fell Street:

Golden Gate Park Pandhandle putt putt:

And, a moment with Sarge:

All right, The Rulez for ’10:

“The San Francisco Police Department has prioritized enforcement responses during the Bay to Breaker race, to be held on Sunday, May 16. There will be sufficient officers deployed throughout the event. There will also be special enforcement police teams to respond to activities of a criminal nature or breaches of race policy.”

So don’t go nuts or anything. If you assault somebody, you’ll get arrested – that’s what they’re saying.

“There will be zero tolerance for public drunkenness…”

Heh. This edict is not operational. Get drunk all you want. If you don’t bother anyone, you won’t get arrested.

“… and public urination. Police transport wagons will be on hand to transport and detain those intoxicated in public and who are unable to care for themselves.”

OTOH, you just might get arrested for public urination. Not likely but it’s possible.

“This year the following policies are in effect: The San Francisco Police Department has coordinated with race organizers to remove kegs and bottles of alcohol from the race course.”

Yes, this is no idle threat. Does it mean that cans of beer are O.K.? Yes, in all probablility your aluminum slugs of MGD and PBR will be AOK.

“Wheeled objects and floats must be registered and start from the starting line behind all runners and walkers. No wheeled object or float will be permitted to join the race along the route.”

I’m not up to speed here – there was talk of allowing floats to enter the race in Civic Center but if you are operating a licensed float, I’m sure you know the latest. OTOH, if you have a non-registered float, you’re going to run into trouble I’ll bet.

“The police department urges all participants to exercise common sense to help ensure a safe and pleasant experience for participants, spectators and residents alike.”

Yes, this is acurate. Let’s hope it all goes well. It usually does.

(And, oh yes, nudity is not on this list from the SFPD. That means, as per usual, there’ll most likely be no enforcement. It’ll totally wide open.)

See you there!