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Extra-Long Wait for 38 Geary at Divisadero Allows iPad Thief Enough Time to Hit On and Hit Area Woman – Thanks SFMTA!

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Saturday night crime in the DivCo:

“I obviously locked/alarmed/blahblah’d it, but am still feeling very upset about it. The ipad was a gift from my father and not something I could dream about affording on my own. AND, more frustratingly, the dude who took it had just hit on me like five minutes beforehand. I don’t know. I guess if anyone sees an ipad with a TARDIS background on craigslist, PM me? Whatever.”

“I was outbound, so I was right in front of the Honeybaked ham store. I honestly pretty rarely use my ipad in public, but it was the end of a very long day, the bus said it was going to take 30+ minutes, and the dude who robbed me had hit on like ten minutes prior to it happening (needless to say, I was charmed), so I didn’t really expect him to, you know. Punch me.”

Pedestrian Versus Motorist at Hayes and Stanyan. A Sad Case

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

It’s amazing nobody got the license plate of the car of the driver involved. (At least that’s what the driver might be thinking.)  

The end of Hayes Street where it meets Stanyan. The incident occurred on the left, the ambulance on the right just loaded up the injured pedestrian:

Photo credit: C. W. Nevius, the Internet troll.

It sure is amazing that a large institution such as St. Mary’s Hospital isn’t festooned with high-rez video cameras running 24/7.

(At least that’s what the driver might be thinking.)