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The 2007 “Stanyan Street Commons,” a Community Garden near USF, Now Looks Like a Putting Green – Hurray?

Monday, March 7th, 2011

Ah mem’ries. Leave us travel back to the aughts, back when you could plant your veggies on Someone Else’s Land and get away with it for a while…

Here’s the background, and there’s an update from 2011 at the bottom:

Remember back in the day, back in the late-oughts when Victory Gardens ‘n stuff were all over the place?

Well, you can relive that era right now by clicking on all the links that describe that time in ought-seven when “guerrilla gardeners” took over the land in front of some lady’s apartment complex at Fulton and Stanyan and just started gardening.

Remember, man? It was beautiful vandalism, man. This joint had lots of support from the City and NGOs, that’s for sure. But things didn’t work out.

Here’s how it looked back then in 2007…

Via IndyBay, image reversed for your pleasure

…and here’s how it looks these days in the summer of 2010, during what should be the start of harvest harvest time.

Weepin’ time, reapin’ time, harvest harvest time:

Oh well.

Sic transit gloria mundi

Oh, and here it is these days in 2011 – it’s the roughest, most-tilted putting green ever:

Click to expand

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me…