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Macho Head Games: When a Car Cuts Off Your Bike-Riding Girlfriend on Howard, Chase Down the Driver for a Yellfest

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

So this five-foot-nothing (possibly hipster) gal on a road bike with unusually-smallish 24-inch wheels was heading outbound on Howard near the InterContinental Hotel with dude here following.

Then the driver of this blue car (6SZJ279, probably a rental) goes past the gal and to the right to get into the garage of the hotel. (Some might call this “cutting her off.”)

Then dude gets out of his saddle for a high-speed chase that probably lasted all of two seconds.

Leaving us here. (One assumes that window-tapping, fender-pounding, and/or tongue-lashing would come next, some kind of confrontation.*)

All huffy on a Huffy. Note Kryptonite lock (or something similar) in back pocket, which was the style at the time, heh: 

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So I don’t know, did the driver see the cyclists? If so, he/she was in hurry, as if the driver were a valet parker, which certainly could have been the case. So file this under “D” for discourteous driving.

Or maybe the driver didn’t see the cyclists at all, in which case this particular driver probably shouldn’t be on the road. So, instead, file this under “B” for bad driving.

So, you’re right, dude cyclist, either way, but you’re not as right as you think you are.

And you’re not as righteous as you think you are. Just saying.

There’s your ambiguous ending.

*I had to get to the big box before it closed so I didn’t slow down. Automatic 30-day price protection means you’re giving me back $200 just a month after purchase? Thx Costco!

Cyclist Rage vs Road Rage: Which is Worse? A Run-of-the-Mill Incident on Market Street

Friday, June 17th, 2011

A couple Bros in the Honda Civic apparently cut off this enraged cyclist the other day on Market.

Now I say “apparently” cause I didn’t see it but somebody else, a non-enraged cyclist, told the driver that he had just cut off both cyclists involved, so there you go.

Anyway, this fellow here was on a tear from the get go, yelling “BLINKER” through the open window of the Honda back before Second Street. Everything after that was some variation of “fuck you” repeated about 40 times in less than two minutes.

Now, there are a lot of traffic lights on Market, so it was no problem at all for the cyclist to catch up on Kearney for another round, seen here:

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The light turned green so the Honda peeled out (the way small front wheel drive cars generally do, with a quick chirp) in kind of a panic almost hitting a sort of jaywalking ped getting to the other side of Geary.

Now the cyclist wasn’t intending to go up Geary – he just wanted to continue the convo.

How far out of your way should you go to chase down drivers in this kind of sitch? Anyway, here’s part of the chase – it was Bro vs. Bro and Bro for a while there:

All right.

On It Goes…