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How Racist is the San Francisco Association of realtors? Well, Chinatown Doesn’t Appear on Its Official Map

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Now I’ve seen maps what eliminate San Francisco’s troubled Tenderloin district – that’s nothing new.

But here, our San Francisco Assoc of realtors (“REALTORS,” heh, like they’re special or something) makes room for the SRO Duchy of Randy Shaw but it omits Chinatown entirely.

Check it

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Now, our SF Association of realtors could get away with this iffin Chinatown were a part of the Nob Hill district, but Chinatown isn’t a part of Nob Hill. It’s near Nob Hill of course, but it’s not a part of Nob Hill.

Appears as if rich white people don’t like the idea of living too close to C-Town…

Hey little kid, do you think that that might be a little, you know, racist, just a little?

Ah, thought so.

But don’t ever change, SFAOR [cough, transfer tax increase, repeal of Prop 13]. 

Just keep on keeping on.

The San Francisco Association of REALTORS® Takes Another One on the Chin

Monday, October 27th, 2008

To start off, the somewhat cheesy ALL CAPS and the circled R registered trademark symbol come from the website of the “san francisco association of REALTORS®.”

There was a rally at the home office in the Civic Center / Hayes Valley neighborhood the other day. Hundreds of enthusiastic people showed up, including Ted Gullikson, Ross Mirkarimi and Robert Haaland. They were supporting the supervisorial campaigns of Eric Mar,  David Chiu, and John Avalos, while at the same time opposing the campaigns of Sue Lee, Joe Alioto Jr., and Ahsha Safai.

That’s the gist of it. More details here.


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Learn more about this powerful trade guild here or forget all that and just drink the Flavor Aid® like you’re supposed to here.

Your choice.