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Yearlong Shanghai Celebration Starts Today – San Francisco Goes All Out For Our Sister City

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Why did Shanghai, the largest city in China, become one of our 16 Sister Cities in 1979? Well, we should all thank former Mayor and current U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein:

It was sort of a race between Los Angeles and San Francisco to establish a Sister City relationship with Shanghai and of course San Francisco won – and it was the first such Sister City relationship between an American city and a Chinese city.”

(Once again L.A. loses, of course(?) – thanks DiFi.) Now it turns out that our Big Sis is hosting a big party this year – it’s World Expo 2010. So, that’s a good excuse for a bunch of  the Bay Area’s cultural organizations to represent, via the Shanghai Celebration featuring Honorary Chair and San Francisco First Lady Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

Jay Xu, Director of the Asian Art Museum, confronting a media scrum after today’s announcement:

Check out the calendar of upcoming events all related to the Paris of the East – it’s packed, baby. Swan Lake featuring San Francsico Ballet Principal Dancer and Shanghai native Yuan Yuan Tan will kick things off from January 23-31 and then on February 12th comes the debut of the cornerstone of the Shanghai Celebration, a big exhibit at our Asian Art Museum simply called Shanghai. It’s going to be mega.

Just ask Jay Xu:

“The 2010 World Expo that opens in May is Shanghai’s coming-out party, the official debut as the city reclaims its position as a global powerhouse. The Asian Art Museum’s Shanghai exhibition was timed to coincide with this prominent international event. Only through understanding its tumultuous history, can one truly understand the progressive and stylish Shanghai of today.”

 O.K. then.

Our jet-setting mayor was on hand to cheerlead for San Francisco, a part of his job which I think everybody would agree he does well. He was dressed for rain today, with blue jeans, and a pair of brown shoes that he claimed were “ruined” by the wet:   

More deets from the AAA:

“The Shanghai Celebration is an unprecedented, year-long festival presented by more than thirty San Francisco Bay Area organizations commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the sister city relationship between San Francisco and Shanghai.

Spearheaded by the Asian Art Museum, the Celebration runs throughout 2010, coinciding with the World Expo presented in Shanghai from May to October. The more than 50 Shanghai-related programs feature exhibitions, concerts, performances, films, lectures, book readings, artist demonstrations and other special events and cover topics such as Shanghai’s architecture, jazz, historic Jewish communities, Art Deco design, filmmaking industry, contemporary art, cuisine, high-rise urban planning and fashion.

The cornerstone of the Celebration is the Asian Art Museum’s presentation of Shanghai, a major exhibition examining the visual culture of one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, scheduled for February 12-September 5, 2010.

For the Shanghai Celebration program calendar of events, and a list of participating organizations, please visit”

Check the lengthy, lengthy sked, after the jump. 


Norway Comes to SoMA – Come See Norwegian Instant Art Tomorrow Night, 11-12-09

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Well, øh my! If you have any interest in Norway and/or art, you ought to mark your calendar for 6:00 PM tomorrow, November 12th, 2009, cause that’s when you can see Norwegian Instant Art at Dow Place, aka the little alley off of Second Street between Folsom and Harrison across the street from Maya. I hear they’ll have some vin there, plus the Honorable Consul General – he’ll be there, plus maybe you can buy some art. Check it:

“Norwegian artists painting in the streets of San Francisco. Four female Norwegian artists are exploring the local art scene in an on-site art project entitled Norwegian Instant Art.  Their goal is to develop and present Norwegian contemporary art in San Francisco, and to fuel future cultural exchange by donating sales proceeds to the Norwegian American Cultural Foundation.”

Presenting, straight outta Oslo, artists Kristin Romberg, Ingrid A. TronstadPippip Ferner and Kristine Maudal. Do you think they’re having fun in the 415? Anyway, they were painting up a storm yesterday afternoon:


Click to expand

Everybody loves Norway, right? See you there!

Nov. 2-11: EXPLORE San Francisco and the Bay Area, and TRANSFORM impressions into art. Place:  In and outside 77 Dow Place

Nov. 12: PERFORM by presenting the project and artwork to the public in an exhibition at  Anodyne Designs premises

November 12, 2009,  Anodyne Designs, 77 Dow Place, Suite 100  
6:00 pm    Mingling            
6:30 pm    Welcome/Official opening by the Norwegian Consul, Geir Tønnessen
7:00 pm    Artists’ presentation  and walk through exhibition. Enjoy the art/food/drinks/good friends
10:00 pm  The end

Proceeds will be donated to the Norwegian American Cultural Foundation.


  • NHF Cultural Grants, Norwegian House Foundation
  • Norwegian American Cultural Foundation
  • Norwegian Consulate
  • H&H Partners
  • ABB Norway
  • Moods of Norway
  • Jensen & Scheele bil as
  • Ferner Jacobsen
  • Kunst for Alle
  • GreatVibes Frogner
  • Shoelounge
  • These four contemporary artists, Ingrid A. Tronstad, Kristine Maudal, Pippip Ferner and Kristin Romberg, are all based in the Oslo area. They explain their project as starting on blank sheets of paper with four open minds. They do not really know what the actual outcome will be. The project thus is as much about exploring the process as it is about creating a result. 

    These are all well established artists withinteresting backgrounds – both educational and projectwise, with several solo/project exhibitions and group exhibitis. Their permanent installations in public or corporate spaces range from Kristine Maudal’s piece in the Cave Bar in Barcelona to Kristin Romberg’s works in the Norwegian Embassy in Riga (Latvia).

    This is the third issue of the Instant Art project series.  For ten days the artists will explore San Francisco and the Bay area and instantly transform their impressions into art.  There will be a project exhibition on November 12, hosted by the Norwegian Consulate, and opened by the Norwegian Consul Geir Tønnesen.  The event will take place at Anodyne Designs premises on 77 Dow Place at 6pm-10pm.

    To the general public, this project is unique in that it offers a chance to meet four individually different Norwegian artists in one show.  Also, people are invited to participate in the creative process from start to finish, either through the project blog or by dropping in while they work.
    The project is sponsored locally by
    Norway House Foundation and the Norwegian Consulate in addition to commercial investors H&H partners.

    The 2009 Greek Cultural Parade on San Francisco’s Market Street

    Saturday, March 28th, 2009

    San Francisco’s HELLENIC CULTURAL PARADE must rank as our smallest annual march down Market Street, but today’s effort had spirited participants and lovely weather. Let’s take a look, shall we?

    Vanguard of the Greek Cultural Parade. Click to expand:

    This junior cowboy (κάουμποϋ) was quite handy with his lasso:

    An entirely different junior cowboy:

    JROTC haters would have had a lot to hate today what with the many schools represented. (Lowell High appeared to be the most serious.)

    “Macedonia is Greece.” O.K., thanks for that tidbit. I think I know what the meaning of this statement is – seems to be a contentious issue:

    Anywho, happy 178th Greek Independence Day!

    See Craig Newmark. See Craig Speak March 24th. Speak Craig, Speak!

    Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

    Oh baby, it’s on! It’s craigslist‘s namesake, Craig Newmark, the Daimyo of the Internets, live, in person, at San Francisco’s Fort Mason (right next to Green’s Restaurant, AFAIK) this Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 at 7:30 PM.

    Here’s the problem, though – this affair is open to the general public and it’s free and there’s beer and wine afterwards, so tickets are going to go like hotcakes. Don’t look for them here at the tickets section of CL, just go to this page to get in on the action.

    Is Craig a pimp? Perhaps moderator Douglas McGray, Irvine Fellow, New America Foundation will ask about that:

    Don’t click to expand.

    It’s ON!

    Fort Mason Center
    Golden Gate Room at the Conference Center, Building A may be the only site where you can get anything you need for life cheap, or even for free. The free community classifieds service, launched as an email listserv for San Franciscans in 1995, helps over 50 million monthly users find homes, jobs, cars, stuff, spouses, friends and flings. The site’s simple design and old age (in Internet company years) hasn’t kept it from being at the pulse of online life. craigslist is one of the top internet websites registering over 13 billion page views per month. The daily flurry of activity on the site has created a full-fledged culture of craigslist in communities around the world–even as most on the site simply want to sell or acquire something, many users participate in ongoing conversations. Founder Craig Newmark visits Zócalo to talk about the web and social change, net neutrality and government transparency, education, and political causes like supporting veterans and  building a stable environment for peace on the West Bank.

    The New America Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan public policy institute based in Washington, D.C.